Why Effective BPM Is a Lot Like Good Pizza. – Appian World 2016

Yes, pizza. Let me explain.

I come from a non-technical background, so the concepts I talk about on this blog have been learned through a long process of constantly relating them back to things I know. One look at me and you’ll quickly understand why I can tie together the ideas of good-quality pizza and effective BPM. Again, let me explain.

When you’re making pizza, it is – quite literally – all about the ingredients. At its simplest and most delicious, pizza is: good quality flour, good quality olive oil, good quality tomatoes, and good quality cheese. Together, it makes the perfect pie. When you start throwing in bleached flour, megamart-brand tomato ‘sauce,’ and sawdust cheese, that’s when you enter the realm of, let’s call it cafeteria-style pizza.

At Appian World 2016, Lance Bradwell, CTO at BridgeStreet Global Hospitality, and Tim Kelly, VP of Professional Services and Operations at Macedon Technologies, will explain how, when it comes to BPM, your pizza is only as good as your data. In their session focused on Record-Focused Development, Tim and Lance will describe how a data-focused approach, furthered by Appian, has measurably improved their Serviced Apartment Distribution business.

Don’t miss this session. (Pizza not provided). Find out more here.