Connect the Dots at Appian World 2016

Business is about making connections. Connecting a new product or idea to a market need. Making connections with new customers. Maintaining connections with existing customers. Connecting teams to get work done.

Business software is about making connections, too. Connecting people to information and processes, and to each other. Connecting data to context for better decisions. Connecting insight to action.

In both business and IT, the scope of connections to be made is always increasing. Around the globe, 24/7, across people, systems, devices (handheld and wearable), and now even¬†things. (If IoT isn’t already starting to disrupt your industry, just wait…).

How do you make sense of all this? How do you formulate it all into a competitive business strategy? How do you orchestrate this web of potential connections? How do you execute it in software to connect it to the right behaviors across your global operations?

Connect the dots at Appian World 2016.

As an Appian customer, you already have the platform you need to realize your business vision in 2016 and beyond. Come to the industry’s premier BPM, Case Management and Application Platform event to accelerate your success. Connect with Appian experts for the product training and best practices you need to master the platform. Connect with your Appian community peers to share insights and network. Connect with technology and business thought leaders to understand where things are headed – and how you can be ready.

Register for Appian World 2016 today. May 11-13 might sound far away, but it’s not.

That’s the thing about the future: it’ll be here before you know it.

-Ben Farrell, Vice President, Communications