Attend “Mobile First: Your Apps, Anywhere” with Mobile Marty

The Appian World 2016 agenda has been updated – and Mobile Marty is starting to get excited! Recently Appian posted a video about how the University of South Florida (USF) transformed the student experience with rapid digital innovation using Appian.

Sidney Fernandes, the CIO at USF was interviewed and talked about how the original process of setting up a student for the semester took about 2 weeks, and now it only takes 2 days … and the solution went live in under a month.

Marty wanted to learn more about how USF accomplished what they had with Appian, and checked the Appian World agenda to see if anyone would be speaking about it there. The session “Mobile First: Your Apps, Anywhere” that he was already planning to attend has now been updated with the specific topics and speaker … and one of the customer speakers is Sidney from USF!

So, if you’re interested in transforming the customer and employee experience with a modern, mobile-first approach on the Appian platform, join Marty Friday, May 13th for this Application Innovation Showcase at Appian World 2016 in Washington, DC. View the full agenda at