Address Top IT Concerns and Accelerate the Pace of Business at Appian World

According to research by the Mobile Research Council, the top IT concerns1 in 2014 are as follows: Big Data Analytics Mobile Cloud Security

1. Managing big data and analysis

2. Mobilizing the business

3. Security

4. Cloud computing deployment and strategy

4. Governance and compliance

In the digital and connected world, we generate terabytes of data daily through emails, texts, tweets, blogs, and other online events. Big data creates big challenges and opportunities. Innovative, forward-looking CIOs understand that the key to grow the business is to mine the data, analyze it, apply it, and generate results.

According to another survey2, global mobile data traffic grew 81 percent in 2013 and reached 1.5 exabytes per month at the end of last year. While consumer mobile apps are ubiquitous now, companies and government agencies are still lagging to provide enterprise mobile applications for their employees and even customers. It is certainly a top priority but many are still formulating a mobile strategy, while many more do not have the resources to quickly and effectively rollout enterprise mobile applications on all key device platforms.

Security for proprietary and confidential data that resides in employee laptops, mobile devices, and data centers remains an important IT priority. In addition, formulating a cloud computing strategy and deployment tactics has been inching up on the top ten list as the technology has proven to be a secure, reliable and scalable option to traditional on-premise data centers. Lastly, governance and compliance of organizational processes as well as enterprise applications are also top of mind for IT executives in 2014.

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Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing