8 Ways to Set Your Digital Transformation Journey in Motion

A simple Google search for “digital transformation” returns a solid eight million results. But, what exactly does it mean? And, what does it take for an organization to achieve it?

For those interested in getting a grasp on digital transformation, do not miss the upcoming Appian World event in San Francisco.

From Monday, April 3rd through Wednesday, April 5th, the three-day agenda is packed with a stacked lineup of insightful keynote speakers and informative presentations. In addition, there will be plenty of product and industry track sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, to give you the fuel needed for a successful digital transformation journey.

The eight specific product tracks include:

  • “Moving to Appian Cloud
    Hear from Appian CIO Myles Weber and customers who have taken a similar journey to Appian Cloud and get guidance on building reliable, scalable, secure, and compliant applications in Appian Cloud.
  • “Effective Integration Strategies with Appian”
    Learn how to unify all your systems and get an understanding on the aspects of integrating with Appian’s market-leading integration capabilities, directly from senior manager of product management Jacob Rank.
  • “Building Modern UIs with Appian SAIL”
    Get the latest scoop on Appian’s Modern UI initiative from UI Director Charles Tsui, and learn valuable tips to maximize Appian SAIL to build the engaging interfaces that users expect.
  • “Rethinking BPM with Record-Centric Design
    In this session, learn about a better way to implement business process management (BPM)…one that unifies process with data. Speakers for this track include Appian sales engineering and customers.
  • Eliminate Complexity with Simple Decisions
    Discover how to easily create complex decision logic in Appian Rules as Appian Product Management highlights the features and capabilities that eliminate complexity through simple decisions.
  • Creating Meaningful Mobile Experiences
    Learn how to create meaningful mobile experiences in Appian and hear from similar customers who have accelerated digital transformation through mobile applications.
  • “Accelerate Digital Transformation with a Low-Code Approach
    Learn how to leverage codeless design tools and rapidly deliver enterprise grade solutions in record time with a demonstration from John Rogers, senior manager of Appian Product Management.
  • “Everything New with Appian”
    Get a run-down of the latest release of Appian from Product Development VP Adam Glaser. This rapid-fire session will cover all of the latest features in just 45 minutes!

Get the essentials on everything you need to accelerate meaningful business innovation.

After attending, you’ll walk away from the conference with a rich understanding of how Appian can enable successful digital transformation for your organization.

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Kamna Talwar