Welcome to Appian! …Now What? – Appian World 2016

New beginnings are exciting, right?

Our memories of our first days of school, first days on the job, first dates – I’d bet they’re all very good ones. Well, maybe not all of our first dates, but you get the picture.

But what we often block out of our minds when recalling those ‘firsts’ is the anxiety we feel when it comes to the unknown. Is my teacher nice? Did my mom buy me the right color crayons? Will my date like the shirt I’m wearing?

What exactly am I going to do now?

These same feelings can certainly arise when implementing a new software solution. After all, the job is not done when we all ‘sign on the dotted line,’ as it were. It’s just the beginning.

How do you initially approach such a wide-open opportunity? How do you select your first process, and then secure the buy-in needed to expand an Appian program for maximum value? What’s the right mix – initially and over time – of internal and implementation partner skills?

Amy Green, Senior Director of Technology Governance for telecomm leader Syniverse will discuss all these questions and more during her Appian World 2016 session ‘The First Year in the Life of an Appian Customer.’ For anyone starting out with Appian – or for those just looking to learn something you maybe didn’t know – this one’s a can’t miss.

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