“Gotta Go Fast” – Appian World 2016

My 12-year-old is not a morning person. We were, as usual, behind pace in the race for the school bus today, so I called upstairs to him.

“We gotta move, bud!”

I heard him pick it up a bit, as he started chanting to himself, “Gotta go fast, gotta go fast, gotta go fast, gotta go fast…”

I thought, “I hear you, little man.”

That song – even if we don’t realize it – is running in a lot of our heads a lot of the time. It seems like we all need to move faster. That’s what the emerging “Low-Code Development Platform” phenomenon is all about. Faster delivery of new game-changing business capabilities.

To get the scoop on Low-Code, you have to be at Appian World 2016. It’s a theme that will run through much of the agenda. Just one example coming out of the event’s Application Innovation track is the Thursday, May 12 session on “Cloud + Agile = Application Development at the Speed of Light.”

Kelly Kurtz, Director of Business Operations Management at Lam Research, and Mathieu Drouin, Solution Architect at Telefilm Canada will share their experiences and insights on getting applications from idea to production more quickly. Agile methodologies and cloud deployment are two great ways to take advantage of Appian’s rapid application development and BPM capabilities. Attend this session for some valuable tips on racking up quick wins with Appian.

Time is running out, so if you haven’t done it yet, register today for Appian World 2016.

-Ben Farrell, Vice President, Corporate Communications