Learn About Low Code Transformation at Appian World 2016

Low Code Platforms are getting increasing attention in the world of enterprise application development. The reasons are obvious. Traditional app dev approaches can’t meet the “need for speed” delivery schedules that today’s business environment demands. Once a hard-coded app is delivered, changing that app over time is painful. Just forget about effective multi-platform support across desktop and mobile from a single app.

Whenever a new technology trend arises, there are inevitably some misconceptions. The big one around Low Code Platforms is that they are only good for small apps – not transformational, mission-critical apps.

Clay Richardson, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, is going to debunk that myth at Appian World 2016.

Clay Richardson, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

At the conference, Clay will give a keynote presentation called “Low-Code: Your Secret Weapon for Transformational Apps.” He’s going to talk about how to put these powerful platforms to work for you to drive real change – and real, game-changing value.¬†And he will introduce a methodology for combining low-code approaches and technologies to not only get started fast, but also scale at the enterprise level.

You need to hear this. Register today for Appian World 2016.

-Ben Farrell, Vice President, Communications