Appian World 2016: A 20-Something’s Take on Mobile Flexibility

When I really think about it, there’s one technology development that has allowed me to ‘gracefully’ transition from a poor, hungry college student to a fully-functioning, fiscally responsible adult:

Mobile. Banking.

And the two apps that have really helped me during this butterfly-like evolution are Venmo and the Bank of America mobile apps. Here’s why:

Fast Fingers

Vemo is all about speed. Forgot to bring cash with you on a night out with your friends? With two taps of your thumb, you’ve turned what would have been an empty IOU into real, spendable money in your friend’s bank account. That speed is absolutely critical. Two or three more taps and we may as well go back to bartering silver and corn cobs.

Just Give Me What I Need!

Bank of America has mastered the ‘need to know now’ factor of mobile computing. The app thoughtfully takes the elements of my desktop banking environment that can be mobile, and makes them mobile. BofA knows that I would never create a full-fledged budget or execute a cash flow analysis on my iPhone. Check my balance. Transfer my money. Deposit my check. Done.

These concepts are just some of the pieces essential to building an effective mobile strategy for your business; and at Appian World 2016, we’ll dive into the future of this crucial business trend.

As part of our Application Innovation Showcase, we’ll welcome leaders from two pioneering educational institutions to tackle the topic – Reaching Your Users: Mobility and Interface Flexibility. These experts are leveraging instant mobility on a variety of interfaces – from desktop, to mobile, to tablet – to transform employee, partner and student experiences.

Your stakeholders want to be mobile, and you know it. Found out how to get it done right – register for Appian World 2016 today.