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Making BPM Mobile

Today’s organizations are increasingly decentralized with remote, always-connected workforces. The trend towards alternative workplace structures has been spurred by recent economic uncertainty and will accelerate due to “generation Y” demands for greater work/life balance. At the same time, the pervasive connectivity of the Internet has created a consumer culture for which “anytime, anywhere” access is ... Read More

Throwing down the Gauntlet with Appian 6

The past 6 months have been some of the most exciting times for Appian on all fronts, from dramatic market consolidation, to amazing customer growth for Appian.  It seems this cycle of success for Appian really kicked off with the release of Appian’s most powerful BPM platform yet, Appian 6.  Appian 6 has dramatically accelerated ... Read More

Q1 Success and Building the Future of BPM

Last week, Appian released its Q1 results.  Generally, we keep quarterly results to ourselves and do semiannual ‘momentum’ press releases.  This time we publicized the quarter, for two reasons: it was awfully good, and it’s ‘quadrant season’ for the major analyst firms so all good news helps. We grew 58% over last quarter (not last ... Read More