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Optimizing Operational Efficiency: SIFMA OPS 2017, May 8-11, Boca Raton, Florida

Digital transformation: The New Reality Operational efficiency is about increasing revenues, lowering costs, and delighting customers. Doing this consistently, according to the experts at McKinsey, requires periodically reinventing your operating model. Fortunately, digital transformation empowers you to do just that. No surprise then, SIFMA Operations Conference and Exhibition 2017, Transforming the Industry into the New Reality, features a comprehensive agenda ... Read More

BPM 101 – Three Pillars of Modern BPM Solutions

Business process management software systems have been helping organizations refine and optimize their operations for a long time. Over this period, the underlying technologies and capabilities behind BPM have evolved and changed based on shifting enterprise demands. What started as a process refinement and automation tool has since evolved to keep up with a shift ... Read More

Explore Digital Strategies for Transformation at Digi-Tech Pharma 2017

Digital technology has changed organizations across all industries, across the globe. Increasingly, the need for powerful, agile technology is a critical component for success to any organization in this digitally-driven world. Savvy leaders in the life sciences field are already realizing the mergence between pharma and tech and actively transforming their operations to keep pace. ... Read More

How Alexandre Dumas Inspired Community

You can find inspiration virtually anywhere. How else can you explain the inspiration of Alexandre Dumas—an author who passed away nearly 150 years ago—on a world he could not have dreamed up if he tried? Dumas, of course, is the prolific French author behind one of the most well-known works of literature of all time. ... Read More

Gartner’s Six Business Drivers Impacting the Pharmaceutical Industry

The social nature of today’s constantly connected patients and consumers means life sciences organizations must provide on-demand access to information and support. While scientific advancements have led to miraculous treatments, technological advancements have the potential to facilitate unprecedented innovation. This new wave of innovation is dependent on capturing environmental determinants of health and the delivery ... Read More

A Customer-First Approach to Digital Transformation

Pundits warn that the financial services industry is ripe for disruption. The challenge comes in bridging the gap in service delivery and customer expectations. Here’s the math, according to the IBM Institute for Business Value: 62 percent of bank executives believe they deliver excellent customer service. But only 35 percent of customers agree. 45 percent of bank executives believe they provide personalized service. ... Read More

Digital Transformation: It’s a Process, Not a Finish Line

On Wednesday, the General Session at Appian World 2017 filled up fast, as record-breaking skier and polar explorer Ben Saunders took to the stage to share some amazing stories about his success on the trail, and his remarkable South Pole expedition. Along the way, he joked about getting really good at dragging heavy things around cold places. And about ... Read More

The Appian World 2017 Conference Party

It goes without saying that the Appian Events team knows how to throw a party. And with the best crew in the business in charge of the entertainment, you can be assured that the festivities will blow your mind. Last night, the Events crew once again shattered expectations, with the epitome of conference party perfection. ... Read More