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Going Mobile @ Appian World 2015

It’s 8am on Tuesday, April 28th. Do you know where your shiny blue Appian World Conference Guide is? Perhaps you misplaced it towards the end of the Welcome Reception after a heated, wine-fueled debate about SAIL vs. HTML5. Maybe it didn’t fit in your bag along with all your Apple devices and sponsor swag. Not ... Read More

Regulatory Laws Putting Cybersecurity Pressure on Insurers

New regulatory guidelines focused on cybersecurity are emerging in the insurance industry, and organizations need to be prepared to improve their technologies and operations in light of these laws. A recent Business Insurance report explained that the National Association of Insurance Commissioners believe that, moving forward, regulatory laws aimed at improving cybersecurity will need to ... Read More

Consumerization Driving Major Collaboration Changes in the Enterprise

Consumerization in the enterprise isn’t just about people using personal devices, apps and services in place of traditional IT tools. This consumerization of IT movement is a real problem for the back office, but the process disruption that happens in the front office could be even more disruptive. Consumerization changes the way people work, and ... Read More

The Appian Case Management Framework

Realizing your vision for your business in a custom software application is hard. Even with the acclaimed ease-of-use of the Appian Platform, giving customers a starting point and base framework can rapidly accelerate the implementation of your next great idea. To support this, Appian has evolved our prior reference application into a comprehensive Case Management ... Read More

Survey Says: Digital Government Still a Struggle

The Federal Government has a history of fostering innovation and ultimately delivering it to the private sector for commercialization. Breakthroughs originating at NASA, within the DoD, and from other agencies – from the Global Positioning System (GPS) to Memory Foam pillows – are now taken for granted. Government has played a role in evolving our ... Read More

Moving Innovation Forward at NGMA 2015 Annual Grants Training

Regardless of the particular area of focus, grants management can be a timely and cumbersome process. Organizations that devote time and assets to the tracking, management and awarding of grants can no longer rely on manual processing to provide funding to consumers of the fast-paced digital marketplace. Across the public and private sector, grant providers must develop innovative and ... Read More

Agile, Modern Applications for the Government: GovLoop Innovators Summit Tackles Tough Challenges and New Opportunities

What do building business software and launching missiles have in common? It turns out, not as much as you’d think. Waterfall processes with long, complex requirements and testing cycles work great for large weapons initiatives but don’t allow government departments to deliver software quickly enough to meet rapidly changing mission and citizen needs. This problem ... Read More

Florida Panel Emphasizes Importance of Public-Private Cooperation in Transportation

The transportation and logistics sector is among the industries most dependent on public-private partnerships. Good government organizations can align everything from their road maintenance strategies to transit schedules with the needs of regional transportation industry stakeholders, allowing all groups to flourish as they collaborate to improve logistics and maximize value. Process integration is becoming increasingly ... Read More