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Mobility Plans Moving Beyond Early Adopter Phase

Application development platforms are evolving as enterprise mobility strategies mature, giving organizations a unique opportunity to create the end-user experience they need to generate value. There are still plenty of questions out there pertaining to exactly how organizations will use mobile devices, how they can protect their network and  how smartphones and tablets will impact everyday ... Read More

You’re Mobile, But are You Really Part of a Mobile Business?

The mobile revolution continues to drive consumer interest and appeal, as was on display at the recent Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, where new products have generated excitement such as iOS 9, OS X 10.11 and AppleWatchOS 2. With increasing frequency, businesses across all industries are beginning to adopt their own mobile strategies to drive growth. ... Read More

Webinar: Back to Basics

As we grow…as we improve, why do we tend to move away from the basics? …from the building blocks? …from how things work at the most simple level? Think about it for a second. At the core of any great skill is a focus on the basics—the simple things that provide the foundation for excellence. ... Read More

Business and IT: How Can Your Analysts Bridge the Gap?

Have you ever worked on a team and thought the provided requirements were not clear enough to build the best possible Appian application? Too often, those responsible for demystifying requirements do not have the Appian experience to successfully map those requirements to features. This results in a major gap to be resolved by the project ... Read More

Case Management Can Help Government Agencies Use Predictive Analytics

Business process management solutions are empowering public sector agencies to connect data and processes across organizational boundaries. This is proving incredibly valuable as government organizations strive to integrate big data into everyday operations – BPM tools provide the underlying infrastructure to help agencies customize apps and services to use big data efficiently. Such functions are ... Read More

Low Code, High Scale?

If you attended last week’s Digital Transformation Webinar, you are now a rising expert on developing innovative business applications on a low-code platform. However, in case you missed the webinar, here’s the quick rundown: Modern businesses need to build unique, custom apps early and often to move fast and compete. Traditional development methods such as ... Read More

Case Management: The Only Real Valuable Thing is Intuition

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” —Albert Einstein Imagine you had incredible intuition. You had a great read on everything. You just knew the right path to success. How would your life change? What more could you accomplish? How would your business be impacted? In business, intuition could be an invaluable asset, especially considering ... Read More

Interested in Healthcare IT? Have I got something for you!

There’s something very interesting going on in the healthcare industry, specifically when it comes to rising costs and converging technologies. As you’d imagine, in healthcare, cost containment is incredibly important — for both hospitals and insurers alike. And with care provision becoming increasingly expensive for all parties, technology to streamline everything becomes critical. So if ... Read More

IoT Accelerating Digital Transformation in Sectors Like Oil & Gas

The Internet of Things movement is at the center of digital transformation. At its core, the IoT is about gathering data from diverse sources, empowering machines to respond to that information automatically and delivering relevant data to end users so they can work efficiently. These principles naturally align with the digital transformation being driven by ... Read More

App Development Rising as U.S. Commerce Department Faces Tech Challenges

Business process management technologies have emerged as vital application development platforms for organizations that need to deploy new solutions rapidly. Accelerating app development is becoming a priority in the public sector, particularly in departments that are required to prioritize IT innovation to support everyday operations. This is evident in the U.S. Commerce Department, as the ... Read More