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FinTech and the Push for Transformation Readiness

The following is an excerpt of a soon-to-be-published paper, “FinTech and the Push for Transformation Readiness.” FinTech and the Push for Transformation Readiness There are two basic ways to prepare for change. The first? Prepare for a linear, predictable change.           The second? Prepare for possibilities—that is, anything that might occur. ... Read More

BPM Could Hold the Key to Unlocking Analytics Consumerization

Delving deep into data can be an onerous and complex task, but organizations that find ways to identify the most important data and get that information to users can get ahead of competitors. Finding the data, while challenging, is fairly straightforward. There are plenty of tools out there that meet this need. Delivering information to ... Read More

Do You Recognize the Warning Signs?

If you have IT systems, you may have a problem… And you may not even realize it. You know those stories…the ones where people find out they’ve been doing something forever, and it may not be the right way? Just to make sure you know what I mean, here are a few taken from this ... Read More

How can GxP compliance be simplified?

Meeting GxP compliance is not just about achieving a compliance goal. It is also about risk mitigation and protecting the safety and well-being of patients. Here is an Executive Summary of Appian’s approach to GxP compliance: We believe: GxP compliance is a state, not a certification. Achieving compliance with GxP standards depends on People, Procedures, and Process. ... Read More

App Platforms Help Business Units Take Ownership of Mobility Plans

Mobile application development platforms empower business users to create apps as needed. These tools interact with business process management software systems to help users generate apps that align with everyday processes and workflows, helping companies maximize the value of mobile devices in the enterprise. This functionality is particularly vital as non-tech workers aim to play a ... Read More

Get to know the new KYC

Know Your Customer (KYC) is no longer just about the Customer. Are you ready for future of KYC?  You might not be. Why? KYC is evolving from a customer on-boarding-centric process to a management discipline in its own right that is now aligned with entire customer lifecycle, not just the start of the relationship. At ... Read More

BPM Can Bring Smart City Dreams Closer to Reality

The business process management industry has been evolving as organizations in diverse sectors need software that can align processes, data and applications across diverse workflows. In response, BPM tools have reached a point where they can support end-to-end process efficiency in environments where Internet of Things tools are generating data that will then be accessed ... Read More

Appian Product Release – 2016: A New Beginning

Today is an exciting a day for me. And, it’s also a sad one. You see, for several years, I’ve enjoyed participating in the evolution of the Appian 7 product, from its earliest days of the new Tempo user experience, to the modern design experiences released in 2015. But as of today, Appian 7 is ... Read More

Unthink What You Know about Conference Keynotes

Unthink what you know about conference keynote addresses. Unthink your expectations. Unthink.     You’ve been to conferences before, no? Of course you have.  What word would you say best describes a great keynote address? Is it… Academic? Informative? Educational? Is it… Motivating? Energizing? Exciting? Is it… Thought-provoking? Enlightening? Insightful? If a keynote presentation was ... Read More