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Process Automation Key as Digital Transformation Takes Hold Among Utilities

Utility operators are facing a changing operational climate as grid modernization takes hold. Upgrading grid functionality to provide more reliable, sustainable and cost-efficient energy is only the beginning of the process. Utilities need to leap off of this technological upgrade and start operate in a way that improves their ability to interact with an increasingly ... Read More

Faster, Smarter, Dynamic Process and Case Management

Faster. Smarter. Dynamic. Some buzzwords du jour to describe BPM and Case Management.  But these are just adjectives describing general platform capabilities. What really is the impact of these new BPM and Case Management platforms on your business? How do these platforms fundamentally change the way your business operates? These are some of the topics ... Read More

The BPM Pub Crawl

A changing business landscape…New customer expectations…Competitive pricing pressures…New government regulations…Sound familiar? These business challenges are familiar to most companies, and now they’ve touched the British Pub industry. Once again, a BPM-based applications platform is the answer. Managing approximately 4000 pubs with just 400 staff can be challenging enough.  But, when you have social media changing ... Read More

Collaboration Becoming Vital in Retail – Even Across National Borders

Business process management software deliver a wide range of functions in diverse industries, but all of these capabilities come down to integrating processes and data across disparate user groups. This can make BPM tools invaluable in sectors that are experiencing significant disruption in terms of how different organizations interact with one another. Retail is one such ... Read More

Three Steps to Better Address Change

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” — Benjamin Franklin Why is change so tough?  We become tied to what we know. We turn our actions into habit. We become comfortable with how things get accomplished. And, it is when this ‘how’ broadly becomes comfortable, that we—as ... Read More

Tips & Tricks Webinar: The Appian Case Management Framework

Last month, we discussed the Appian Case Management Framework (CMF). In case you missed it, the CMF provides complete, pre-built solutions that highlight many of the common use case patterns of case management, including Service Requests, Order Management and (coming soon) Investigations. We designed the CMF to be a reusable base framework on top of ... Read More

Five Key Takeaways from Appian World 2015

It’s been just over a week since Appian World 2015 concluded, and the great feedback continues to roll in from our best user conference to-date! Like many of my colleagues here at Appian, I’ve spent the better part of the last week catching up on “all that stuff I’ll get to after the conference.” Back ... Read More