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BPM Can Help Government Agencies Deal With Challenges of Scale in IT Projects

Government IT projects don't always have the best reputation, but many of the problems that arise in such initiatives are understandable. That said, public sector organizations can use business process management software to streamline collaboration between departments and accelerate innovation. A recent report from the Brookings Institute highlighted the scale of government IT project struggles ... Read More

BPM Empowers Financial Services Firms to Keep Compliance Cost Efficient

Regulatory compliance has been a huge buzzword in the financial services sector, and with good reason. With consumers increasingly expecting banks to provide mobile and web services, financial services firms are left scrambling to constantly innovate while minimizing security risks. This can prove incredibly challenging, as even a minor user error can lead to a ... Read More

The Internet of Things and BPM

The Internet of Things is about mobility. Whether they’re monitoring home energy usage or managing retail supply chains, end-users of IoT data are always on the go. Turning the vast amounts of data generated by connected devices into rapid, responsive action is key to IoT’s success and transformational capabilities. But for information to be truly ... Read More

BPM Can Help Organizations Get Proactive About Mobility

The mobile device revolution is having a real impact on organizations, and business process management software is evolving to give companies an application development platform where they can quickly customize apps and services to meet their needs. This functionality has been of growing importance as businesses get more intentional about embracing mobile device strategies. A ... Read More

CoE: Can you find the treasure?

treas·ure trove noun a hidden store of valuable or delightful things. plural noun: treasure troves "your book is a treasure trove of unspeakable delights." Imagine this. You’re a modern-day treasure hunter. You explore far-off, beautiful, treacherous places in search of that unspeakable windfall. You often tempt fate, risking life and limb for that one-of-a-kind find ... Read More

BPM, Cloud Portability Align to Foster Agile Operating Environments

An evolving cloud computing landscape is empowering organizations to operate more flexibly from a technological perspective. Add cloud business process management solutions that function as application delivery platforms into the mix and companies can be primed to turn technological adaptability into meaningful business agility. Using the cloud to foster business agility A recent First Post ... Read More

Appian Around the World: Taking Off Soon!

Never been able to make the trip to Appian World? Feeling like you are missing out great networking and learning opportunities? Well in the next few months, Appian is bringing the Appian World experience to a city near you. Appian customers, partners, product experts, and executives will converge on eight cities across the globe to ... Read More

Anti-Money Laundering: Avoid Unconsidered Perils

“It’s not as if our enforcement actions are over. There’s more to come, and that suggests to me that there are still banks that haven’t gotten the message.” —Mythili Raman, former acting assistant attorney general for the Criminal Division, U.S. Dept. of Justice New enforcement actions and fines for poor compliance with the Bank Secrecy ... Read More