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Insure a Bright Digital Future at Appian World 2017

Insurers are navigating through difficult market conditions, disruptive digital technologies, and changing stakeholder expectations. How do you innovate for customer engagement and revenue growth while continuing day-to-day operations?  It’s all about digital transformation.   But what does that really mean—and how can you make it work for you? Find out at Appian World 2017, the single destination for ... Read More

Digital Transformation for Healthcare With Appian at HIMSS

The healthcare provider experience is transforming to match a shift in patient expectations. Providing a more patient-centric experience means offering a more transparent system that puts the patient in control. Next week at HIMSS, stop by our booth #4376 to see real-life examples, including demonstrations, on how Appian is already helping top healthcare providers around the ... Read More

Low-Code + BPM Software: Aligning Business, Culture and Technology to Drive Transformation

Low-code application platforms are being touted as a key enabler of rapid digital business transformation. On its own, such technology democratizes app dev by enabling citizen developers in the business to self-serve their own small-scale departmental solutions. However, most low-code platforms lack the industrial-strength capabilities (such as process management and integrations) required to drive meaningful ... Read More

Meeting the Demands of Regulatory Information Management

Maintaining pharmaceutical regulatory compliance in a world driven by ever-increasing demands for speed to market is difficult. Some would say it’s near impossible. Just because there are pressures to reduce delivery time, does not mean corners can be cut when dealing with compliance. The same – or even greater standards – of compliance are still ... Read More

Rethinking Business Process Management

Business. Process. Management. Which one of those words sticks out to you the most? Most technology professionals agree, BPM is all about process—designing a process, executing a process, optimizing a process, etc. That’s what BPM does. And these are critical processes…the kind that are at the core of the enterprise. That’s why management is key ... Read More

HIMSS 2017: Lake Nona Medical City Tour

Technology is opening the door for healthcare service innovation. To improve the patient experience, facilities are digitally transforming their operations for a more coordinated healthcare experience for both the patient and the clinician. At HIMSS this year in Orlando, Florida, attendees will get the opportunity for a behind-the-scenes look at some facilities who have embraced digital ... Read More

How to Deliver a Great Customer Experience in the Age of Digital

You know it. Your CEO knows it. Your customers know it….  Customer experience can be THE make or break factor. A negative customer experience drives turnover; a positive customer experience is one of the best sources of retention. It’s no wonder then that insurers are prioritizing CX improvements. “Improving customer experience is the #1 strategic ... Read More

The Building Blocks for Agile Transformation

Being able to rapidly adapt to change is a necessary, fundamental principle in today’s constantly changing face of Federal Government. This year at Appian World 2017 in San Francisco, take the opportunity to become more effective when handling an ever-changing environment using agile methodology during our federal Agile training. Agile methodology, especially when teamed with ... Read More

User Interfaces: Beauty is in the Eye of the End-User

Your organization’s IT team deploys a new business app that promises to “increase productivity, boost innovation, and enable digital transformation.” The capabilities of this app far surpass the previous tool, and its mobility empowers users to get work done anytime, anywhere. On paper, the app is exactly what the organization needed. In reality? The app’s ... Read More