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Successful Case Management Initiatives for Government Agencies

Case Management is one of the most critical areas of operations, as well as new application development for government agencies today. Successful Case Management initiatives offer great rewards for both consumers and career paths. Yet, stalled and unsuccessful initiatives can quickly produce the opposite effect. Successful Case Management initiatives involve coordinating and connecting existing process, ... Read More

Healthcare Industry’s Triple Aims Highlight Need For Process Coordination

Modern business process management software systems specialize in connecting data from diverse sources and bringing it to end users regardless of which devices they are using. This functionality is emerging as essential in the healthcare industry, as clinical staff members face a growing need to use data within care strategies. This is particularly true as ... Read More

Rate Your Pain: Improving the Patient Experience

It’s common practice among healthcare providers to ask their patients, “On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your pain?” The goal of any clinician is to provide patients with the most pain-free experience possible while still delivering the highest possible standard of care. The same sentiment exists with Appian’s goals for the healthcare ... Read More

The Future of Knowledge Work

Did you meet Baxter at Appian World 16? Baxter might not be as smart as Lieutenant Commander Data. He’s definitely not as strong as the new FANUC M-2000iA/1700L that can lift 1.7 tons—the equivalent of two small cars or 24 people. And, he is certainly not as pretty as the robot “clones” on Orphan Black. ... Read More

What Sia has to do with RIM

What could pop star Sia possibly have do with Regulatory Information Management? Let’s say you’re in Life Sciences. Pharma, specifically. Let’s also say that you’re hip to new music. Heck…even not hip per se, but you enjoy hearing and learning new stuff. Well then, you may know…or enjoy getting to know Sia. Sia is a singer ... Read More

Mastering the Customer Journey

“If you build it, they will come!” Remember that quote from the movie Field of Dreams? It’s a call to arms to pursue your passion. If you truly believe you are building a great product, customers will come in droves to appreciate it. But, ever wonder…How will your customers get there? If we believe the ... Read More

BPM Essential as Companies Work to Cross Technological Boundaries

For a long time, the trendy conversation has been about how organizations can create enough mobile apps and services to allow for seamless smartphone and tablet use in the enterprise. This discussion is still going, but it has shifted. Instead of focusing solely on creating mobile-enabled solutions, businesses must also consider how they can streamline ... Read More

Appian World 2016: Day 2 Highlights

Yes, you’re correct that there was no Day 1 blog, because all you would have read was my review of the endless apps, many drinks and plentiful conversation about television and fish and chips (shout out to Neal Ward-Dutton!) from yesterday. Today, we got down to business. Literally. Being new to the BPM space, I ... Read More

Appian Product Release – Quick Apps is Here!

We hope you reserved your seat. With Appian World 2016 already underway, I can raise the curtain on something I’ve been eager to share…Quick Apps—the latest new capability in Appian . Quick Apps brings real zero-code development to the masses. The Quick Apps Designer simply prompts users for the key points of their application. Then, ... Read More