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Appian Strengthens Cloud Presence with Local Hosting in Germany

Appian continues to grow its global footprint as a leader in cloud services. Yesterday, Appian announced its latest European expansion through localized hosting for Appian Cloud customers in Germany. Through a strong partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Appian now has the capability to provide multiple hosting options to German organizations looking to grow revenue and increase customers through ... Read More

Applied Clinical Trials: Four Ways to Improve Pharmacovigilance Processes with Automation

Bio-pharmaceutical companies are continually tasked with gathering more safety information and responding to requirements more quickly. These new requirements have significant implications for pharmaceutical companies, as health authorities look to reduce treatment-related health risks to patients, pharmacovigilance (PV) or drug safety has stepped into the spotlight. Applied Clinical Trials Online recently featured a commentary authored ... Read More

Effortless On-Boarding: Turning Investors into Clients through Process Automation

What customers really want is the simple things done right. For wealth and asset management firms that means making a good first impression with an effortless on-boarding experience.  A BPM platform provides a seamless on-boarding experience that cultivates customer loyalty, turning investors into clients. For our next process improvement webinar, Appian will partner with CEB TowerGroup ... Read More

Make It Easy…

We’ve all experienced it.  The frustration of difficult technology.  Just Google “technology frustration images” and you’ll instantly empathize with the sad sacks on your screen. Let’s face it. Work is tough enough. The technology to help should be easy.  But it’s more than just easy to use.  It has to be easy to build…easy to ... Read More

WSJ: Crawford & Company Transforms Insurance Claims with Appian’s Application Platform

Maintaining competitive advantage in business is a top priority for CIOs. These leaders must address areas of business that need to be improved and implement solutions to turn inefficiencies into growth for the organization. Brian Flynn, Chief Information Officer at Crawford & Company was recently featured in theWall Street Journal discussing his company’s use of an application platform to ... Read More

Appian Sparks Innovation with Online Self-Paced Training Courses

Appian Training is evolving. Our latest innovation, interactive online courses, will have you mastering technical subjects like a seasoned professional. We are more excited than ever to see our students succeed with this new and exciting content. While in-person, instructor-led training is still our premiere offering, we understand that schedules and travel constraints limit a ... Read More