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Let Modern Apps Drive Your Business

There are plenty of challenges facing enterprise companies today when it comes to empowering employees. The newest challenge is mobile technologies and their ubiquity across the workplace. The nature of almost every business, regardless of industry, is more on-the-go and more fast-paced than ever. By now almost everyone has access to email on their smartphones ... Read More

Make Business Social to Empower Your Workforce

Social technology in the workplace sometimes gets a bad rap for being, well, too social. Businesses don’t want the productivity drain that comes from employees spending work time on their personal Facebook and Twitter feeds. Organizations see no business value there – and they are right. But forward-looking business and IT leaders know that the ... Read More

Do You Recognize This Speaker?

When you consider attending a conference, what’s the one thing that initially gets you excited to go? Is it the sessions? Is it the networking? The special events? The (AHEM) celebrity keynote speaker? I am pleased to share the news that we will be joined at Appian World 2015 by renowned theoretical physicist, best-selling author, ... Read More

Are Distractions Holding You Back?

Has this ever happened to you? You get a new idea or assignment for an App, feature or enhancement. You’re excited to begin work and then it hits you: before you can even start working on it you feel the need to concern yourself or get sidetracked with distractions: Will it work on all browsers? ... Read More

How’s Your Cloud Migration Going?

I’m going to make a pretty safe assumption that your business is in the process of migrating an increasing amount if its critical infrastructure and services to the cloud. I mean, why wouldn’t it? The cost, time and resource benefits are proven. Gartner says that more IT dollars will be spent in the cloud as ... Read More