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Mobile Technology: The Heartbeat of Digital Disruption

The concept of digital disruption and transformation has been around for years. Few companies are achieving true disruption and cashing in on their innovations. Some are achieving digital transformation, but most are on a continual quest to catch up. Larry Page, CEO & Co-Founder of Google, said that we are no longer in a mobile-first ... Read More

Hospitals Embracing Apps, But Must Do So With Care

People are interacting with the world around them in new and more intuitive ways as they use smartphones and tablets to access key data anytime, anywhere. Health care organizations are starting to take advantage of this movement as they begin to engage patients through consumer-friendly apps. However, hospitals working to deploy such solutions must do so ... Read More

Student Advising Made Easy at The University of South Florida

For a student, mastering the concepts of molecular biology is hard; shouldn’t changing an adviser or scheduling a class be easy? Sidney Fernandes, CIO at the University of South Florida College of Public Health (USF COPH), thinks so. Sidney recognized that USF COPH needed to create the best experience possible for its most important customer ... Read More

What We Can Learn from the FinTech Revolution

What We Can Learn from The FinTech Revolution FinTech is growing exponentially. What’s FinTech, you ask? It’s disruptive technology and the next big thing in the Financial Services industry. What started as an interesting phenomenon is growing faster than anyone expected. Looking back, it’s easy to see why. In an industry largely dominated by big, ... Read More

Realizing Modern BPM Through Smarter Business Apps

We hear it all the time. Modernize. Change. Evolve. These are terms that forward-looking organizations like to throw around, but what does it all mean? CIOs and senior IT leaders are faced with a continued challenge. How do you transform business from its current state to one of growth and competitive advantage? It’s not a one-step ... Read More

Mobile App Development Platforms Vital in Enterprise Mobility Plans

Apps are the primary currency of the mobile enterprise. You can give employees all the devices they could ever dream of, but those investments won’t deliver meaningful business value until you’ve created or adopted the right apps and services to empower your users. Mobile application development platforms are giving organizations the tools they need to ... Read More

How Can I Make Change Less Exhausting?

Show me someone who says Change is easy, and I’ll show you a liar. Seriously. Change is hard.  But, why? Have you ever thought about it? We become tied to what we know. We form biases. We trust our egos. We turn our actions into habit. And when those habits result in success…or even a ... Read More

24 Hours with Appian: Tales from a Hackathon

What can you build with the Appian Platform, 24 hours, and plenty of snacks? Persistent Systems decided to find out at their Appian Center of Excellence Hackathon in October. Approximately 90 Persistent Developers and Customer Executives gathered in Dublin, Ohio last week to celebrate the first anniversary of Persistent’s Appian COE and test their Appian ... Read More

The Customer Story: DFW Builds the Airport of the Future

To understand Appian’s value and what we are all about, you have to know our customers’ stories and how they excel at being unique. Appian’s ability to provide an excellent customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. It is our mission to provide leading organizations from all industries across the globe with ... Read More