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Features, simplicity and value

Donald Norman—a powerhouse in software design, usability, and cognitive science—once said that simplicity is overrated. When faced with a decision between two products, your customers will always go for the one that has more features, even if they appear more complex. But, Gartner analyst, Brian Prentice, opined that simplicity is not overrated, it’s misunderstood. A ... Read More

Mobility, Actionable Data Connect the Enterprise to The Internet of Things

With the onset of the iWatch and Google Glass’ potential return to the enterprise, the Internet of Things (IoT) conversation continues to dominate tech headlines. Businesses across all industries are looking to tap into the power of IoT and leverage smart devices to stay ahead of competition. While new tools and smart devices are exciting, ... Read More

Does Integration Make You Angry?

It all started with that eye twitch. He was already exhausted. Too many three-hour sleeps in a month will do that to you. But this? It’s never so easy, but this? ERROR. He felt the mad rush of frustration seeping into his muscles. The tension breaking through his temples… The tightness in his chest….his arms…his ... Read More

Digitization Poised to Upend Traditional Auto Retail Models

Digitization is having a disruptive impact in many industries, but the changes coming in the automotive retail sector are especially staggering. Automotive sales processes have followed fairly conservative, longstanding traditions for years. People come into the dealership, walk around with a sales representative, test drive vehicles, sit down and talk over some details while the ... Read More

This Time, It’s About the User Experience

You might not remember his name, but you definitely remember his voice. In fact, all I have to do is type three little words: IN A WORLD… Don LaFontaine was the the movie trailer maestro: If Don were still alive, I like to dream he’d do a trailer for the next Appian Tips & Tricks ... Read More

Webinar: The Evolution of Case Management and BPM

Today’s most critical business processes extend beyond well-structured, predictable patterns supported by transactional systems and demand a more holistic, flexible approach. Success depends on multiple workflows, people, documents, data, systems and business rules all working harmoniously in tandem. These now widely recognized facts underscore why there is today such a strong and growing interest in ... Read More

Enterprise Mobility and Beyond

Congratulations! With either a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy or big investments in a standardized mobile device strategy in place, you’re ready for whatever the mobile revolution can throw at you! Finally, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labor over the next decade… right? Sorry. Guess again. Did you ... Read More

Digitization Could Have Huge Impact on Health Insurance Sector

Mobile application development efforts are increasingly emphasizing health-related solutions as consumers and businesses alike embrace the potential of mobile apps and services. New personal health apps can be used in conjunction with solutions specific to the insurance industry to improve patient care, streamline processes and help insurers maximize revenues while creating an optimal customer experience. ... Read More

Appian Product Release – Better, Faster, Stronger

Appian received an amazing response to our last release, a few months back at Appian World 2015 Product Release.  Transformational features, such as the new Appian Designer, Interface Designer, Appian Sites, and Web API Designer are creating new use cases, and Appian practitioners are realizing huge productivity gains as a result. So how could we ... Read More