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The Heat is On: Meet your AML Compliance Challenge

Picture this scenario. You are preparing to binge watch Netflix with a fresh batch of salsa. This time you decide to go rogue and add that sweet chili pepper you bought at the market the other day. Now you load up a tortilla chip, take a big bite. YIKES!  Your esophagus feels like it’s on ... Read More

Next Generation Digital Strategies at the CIO Leadership Forum

With the fast moving consumer tech climate, keeping up with customer expectations is proving increasingly difficult — the financial services sector is no exception. As a financial services leader, how can you provide cohesive, mobile, omni-channel experiences when you have scattered processes, siloed data, and outdated systems?                 ... Read More

Know Thyself: BPM Success Begins With Internal Analysis

Investing in business process management (BPM) software positions businesses to refine and reconstruct everyday operations around the digital technologies that are transforming the enterprise. However, engaging in a project aimed at refining operations must begin with understanding the current state of your organization and the various procedural and technological issues that are impacting your employees. A recent ... Read More

Funtime Friday: The Low-Code Revolution will not be Televised

#funtimefriday There’s a revolution going on out there. No, it’s not a war fought on a conventional battlefield; it is a digital revolution driven by the explosion of mobile web and the Internet of Things. In this hyperconnected world, business and IT are going to have to work together much faster than ever to compete ... Read More

Throwback Thursday: Back to the Future

Back In 2011, Gartner predicted that by 2016, social technologies would be integrated with most business applications. Other pundits predicted companies would bring together their social CRM, internal communications and collaboration, and public social site initiatives into coordinated digital strategies. At the same time, we published a post that talked about the explosion of the ... Read More

How to Better Protect Our Nation’s Health and Safety

“In a public health emergency, speed is critical. A day, a week, a month can make all the difference.” -CDC Director, Tom Frieden Speed is critical, especially in today’s fast-paced world. With current environmental concerns such as the outbreak of Zika and the impending flu season, it has never been more important for the Center ... Read More

Digital Transformation? More like Digital Convergence

#techtuesday I have a theory. Digital transformation should be called digital convergence. When you undergo digital transformation, you’re changing the technology makeup within your business. Sure, that’s the nuts and bolts of it—but there is so much more. Instead of having specific technologies to complete specific tasks, the path to digital transformation success is bringing ... Read More

Can’t Get Enough of Your Low-Code, Babe

#funtimefriday I cannot lie. I love Barry White. And as a non-technical business guy, there’s something else I love. Low-Code app development. So on this Funtime Friday, let’s mash ’em up! Whatdaya say? Let’s go!! Can’t Get Enough of Your Low-Code, Babe   I’ve heard people say that Digital transformation is good for you, babe ... Read More

Your Digital Journey

Appian Industry Forum in Financial Services | 20 September 2016.   On the path to digital transformation?   Interested in learning more about digitization trends and peer responses? Make sure your journey includes the upcoming Appian Forum in Munich and an evening at Oktoberfest. This special gathering will bring together financial services executives – from business and ... Read More