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Mobile Financial Services Heading to Next Level

Financial services firms have been working to update their processes and customer-facing offerings in light of increased mobile device use for a while now, and they may have to kick efforts into a new gear to keep up with innovation. A recent Ovum study found that while consumer adoption of mobile financial services is still ... Read More

BPM Key as CIOs Try to Wrangle Consumerization

Consumerization in the enterprise is often discussed as an IT concepts, and CIOs are the ones bearing the brunt of responding to the trend. The reality that consumerization represents a new way to work, and organizations need to adjust their processes to make sure their technology can respond. Business process management tools are adapting to ... Read More

The Great Business Apps Redux…Coming to a City Near You

Apps on your iPhone are great. Apps on your Android are great. Apps on your smartphone? Your tablet? Your phablet, even? Great. Great. Great. Hey! What about apps for your business?   [cue the crickets…]   With all of the information to manage, systems to integrate, processes to track, collaboration, communications, and more, it’s no ... Read More

[Video Blog] Ensuring Quality Management for Clinical Trials

“Quality is everyone’s responsibility.”  – Dr. W. Edwards Deming “Quality means do it right when no one is looking.” – Henry Ford Quality. It is essential for the well-being of any organization as well as customer satisfaction. Pharmaceuticals and life science companies are at the forefront of establishing new and improved ways to ensure quality for ... Read More

Custom Apps Already Showing Their Potential

Many businesses are beginning to work hard to customize applications and services in an effort to develop more nuanced operational functions. However, many organizations can be overwhelmed by the complexity of creating strategic, custom apps, and end up falling behind competition. Business process management tools are beginning to resolve these issues as they now provide ... Read More

Watch: Appian Training Lead Designer Credentials

What makes a great analyst? A great designer? A great anything? Often, it starts with training. At Appian Training, our goal is to deliver the best training programs. Period. It’s because of this commitment to your success…to your growth…that we continually develop new material. To date, Appian training has focused on the Analyst and Designer ... Read More

Digital in Financial Services: Overcome the Perfect Storm

Financial Services, these days perhaps more so than other industries, faces extreme challenges, starting with the status quo. The perfect storm of digital-first consumers, at least some level of reliance on archaic systems, and strategies that just don’t work like they used to has institutions scrambling to keep pace, let alone stand out. The reality? Consumer expectations ... Read More

BPM Open House 2015: Keep Your Business Lean and Strong with Appian and NBTY

Calling all process experts, champions, and black belts: this year’s PEX BPM Open House officially opens its virtual doors on Monday, September 21st. The BPM Open House takes place entirely online, and features real Business Process Management success stories accompanied by technology presentations from vendors and industry experts. Speaking of BPM success stories, John Kwamya ... Read More

New Zealand an Example That Process Automation Isn’t Just About Costs

Business process automation gets a bad rap. It has a reputation for being a tool used almost solely to cut staff and reduce costs. While there certainly are businesses that leverage the technology to that end, the potential power of automation goes well beyond replacing people. In fact, many organizations will use process automation to ... Read More