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Process Automation About More Than Staff Reduction

Automation often gets touted as a way to reduce the number of staff members organizations need to maintain in order to support everyday operations. While there are certainly some settings where this may be true, business process automation in the modern enterprise is focused more on supporting knowledge workers than finding ways to replace them. ... Read More

Digitization Brings A New Way to Bank

Bankers are rethinking how they provide services to their customers. Digitization is ‘in,’ helping to create a new way to bank, and brick and mortar branches are under siege. Could this mean the demise of traditional branches and tellers?  Might we see relationship managers disappear, morphed to avatars, smart robots and, RPA-assisted processes? Is the ... Read More

Low-Code Allowing for Development Delegation

Low-code application development platforms are establishing new operational paradigms that alter the way IT departments operate. The ability to create proprietary apps or customize third-party solutions without having to write extensive code changes the development game, allowing IT teams to get a wide range of users involved in the process. According to a recent DevOps Digest ... Read More

Omni-Channel Strategies Require Collaboration

Want to learn more about successful omni-channel strategies?  Read on for a personal story that got me thinking about omni-channel. The phone rang in the middle of the night. It was my daughter, who was completing a semester abroad in London. “Ma, I’m short on cash, and I need extra this month….You know I’m booking ... Read More

The New Digital Impact on Customer Loyalty

In the past, winning over customers in the financial services industry was all about using technology to make tasks easier and more accessible for the consumer. Now, customer loyalty is increasingly determined by a financial institution’s ability to assist customers, rather than just the ability to help customers help themselves. This requires greater focus on ... Read More

The Future of Pharmaceutical IT Starts Today

The 14th Annual Pharmaceutical IT Congress promised an in-depth look into the future innovations of technology in the life sciences industry, and I have to say, London did not disappoint. On  September 28-29, I joined over 150 pharmaceutical information technology and business specialists as we dove into key topics that are currently top of mind ... Read More

Low-Code CX: Smoother Than a Fresh Jar of Skippy

Catchy musical hooks only need a few seconds to get stuck in your head. So let’s drop the beat on this Funtime Friday blog, with a low-code parody of Uptown Funk. A monster hit by Mark Ronson, featuring Bruno Mars. And one of the funkiest Billboard Hot 100 songs ever…. Ahem…testing, one two, one two…testing, one two, ... Read More

Fast Track Your Transformation Plans

Sibos promised to be one of the most interesting financial services conferences of the year, and it did not disappoint. It was a fast paced week in Geneva — from the latest on blockchain, and the discussions around compliance and the Customer Journey, to the stories of digital transformation — Sibos hit the pulse of ... Read More

Federal FY17: What’s Next

Fiscal 2017 is shaping up to be a very interesting year for Federal IT.  Notwithstanding an administration change, and the fact that we are still operating under a continuing resolution, I’m expecting a few key themes to continue to resonate from FY2016 into this year. 1. Cloud First As they say in real estate “location, ... Read More

Empathy: The X Factor in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation means different things to different people. For many, it’s about the speed and power of back office technology. For some, it’s about getting more visibility into process and data. For others, it’s about driving efficiency and cost savings to the bottom line. But the real gem in the digital transformation jewel box is ... Read More