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Are You on the Right Path to Digital Transformation?

The financial services industry is experiencing new and drastic changes; from channel proliferation to higher customer expectations and an increasingly competitive marketplace. Demand is high for innovation that can help organizations stay competitive and boost their corporate performance. To stay ahead of competition, digitization must occur. But how do you choose the right path to digital ... Read More

Reach Customers Where They Are [Infographic]

The Financial Services industry is changing. Information technology is becoming more important than ever as banks and credit unions work to implement robust IT systems in order to support online and mobile banking, and do so without creating excess risk. All of this change is helping Financial Services firms become more agile and responsive, and ... Read More

Improving Data Quality for Healthcare Providers

When you hear about the city of Nashville, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Country Music? The TV show with the same name? The late, great Johnny Cash? What if I said healthcare? Would healthcare ring a bell? Probably not, but what many people don’t know is that Nashville is a bustling ... Read More

Digital Transformation: the Pursuit of ‘Appiness’

Ready to find out how your peers are transforming their organizations with digital technology?  Wondering what the latest ‘news you can use’ is for Quick Apps, low-code app development, and case management?   Then come join us at an Appian Around the World event. Register today. We have events planned in major cities like London, ... Read More

Personalized Healthcare with Appian

Easy, personalized service–isn’t that what most people want when it comes to their healthcare? I know I do. Next week, I’ll be attending the Health Care Consumer Engagement Congress Event in Boston on September 29 and 30 to discuss how all companies involved in healthcare can make this happen, and how Appian can help enable ... Read More

Streamline On-Boarding to Accelerate Customer Journeys In Financial Services

Customer service is emerging as a key competitive differentiator for Financial Services firms. However, just 8 percent of banks have standardized their customer on-boarding processes. Making a good first impression is the beginning of any customer journey, and on-boarding represents an opportunity to get relationships off to a good start. Financial services firms are facing ... Read More

See into the Future of Pharmaceutical IT

It’s no secret, the Pharmaceutical IT industry is growing rapidly. By 2017, IT research experts Ovum, forecast that IT spending in the life sciences industry will reach $40.8 billion globally.   We have learned over the years that the amount of money spent does not mean the optimal solutions are being identified and implemented. Pharmaceutical IT is ... Read More

Digital Strategies: Path to Transformation

Digital Strategies: Path to Transformation We are just a few days away from Sibos in Geneva, and I am sure you are looking forward to it. Oh what a cool opportunity to walk around the scenic part of Old Town, or to step out for cocktails, or to try fondue with authentic Swiss chocolates and ... Read More

Inaugural Women’s Leadership Program Coding Challenge

Are you a college student who loves tech? How’s a $5,000 scholarship sound? What about an exclusive internship? A chance to work on developing real product features for a cutting-edge technology? What more could a college student want?! That dream can become reality, thanks to the Inaugural Appian Women’s Leadership Program Coding Challenge! What is it? ... Read More

What is Low Code?

In the past, conventional software developers used hand-coding to build and deploy enterprise applications, a slow process that could take weeks or even months to complete. But that’s not the case anymore. Nope, low-code platforms have turbocharged the app development process, with user-friendly interfaces that allow even non-tech business users to create fully-functional, enterprise apps in minutes. If you’re a business ... Read More