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The Digital (R)Evolution and Business Process Innovations

How is your organisation driving digital change in the time of disruptive new technologies, innovative business models, and global competitions? The annual Swiss BPM Forum will bring together more than 350 forward thinkers and process innovators on 5th March in Zurich, Switzerland. The one day conference provides opportunities for executives to learn about the latest ... Read More

Why the Banking Customer Record is a Myth

The idea of a complete customer record is simple. It’s all information about a customer converged in one place, available when needed to make better decisions and take better action. There’s even a banking industry term for it – Customer Information File or CIF. But, ironically, the idea of the customer record in banking is ... Read More

Is It Possible To Build Future-Proof Apps?

Ahh the promise of future-proof apps…you build something once, and then you never have to worry about it again. It’s an app development utopia! However, building truly future-proof apps, like most utopias, is often an effort in futility. Homes require constant attention to details; gardens must be nourished and maintained; our bodies need food and ... Read More

Breadth of IoT Highlights Importance of Process Innovation

The Internet of Things movement has been emerging as widespread network connectivity and devices that can communicate with one another automatically over the network proliferate. These technological advances come together to form an Internet of Things – a network in which a variety of devices, ranging from toasters to sensors, drones and even light bulbs ... Read More

Upgrading IT: Defining a New Approach to Custom Software Development

The word is out: IT professionals desire a new and improved way to develop custom software. That was the key takeaway from Appian’s recent omnibus survey. Fielding responses from 306 leading IT decision makers, the survey examined the trends and market opportunities in custom software and cloud-based application development platforms. But really? Custom software? That’s nothing ... Read More

Production Challenges Highlight Need for Process Excellence in Oil and Gas Sector

New production challenges are emerging across the U.S. oil and gas sector, creating challenges that could put pressure on the global market. Organizations facing this mounting tension to balance production with revenue creation puts procedural excellence in the limelight. Of course, this struggle is a constant battle in the oil and gas industry. New conditions ... Read More

What if This One Hour Investment Could Help You Get Ahead?

Say you’re a financial services exec. Like any business, yours faces competitive pressures, as well as potential threats to its long-term prosperity. You know of many…you live them; some are unique to your organization, and others are challenges faced by everyone in your industry. Now, let’s say you had the opportunity to get answers to ... Read More

Enterprise IT Solutions Hold Transformational Value for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Enterprise technology has its fingerprints across nearly every major industry. But, perhaps nowhere do we see this more evident than in the healthcare/life sciences space. When looking at the industries that have embraced enterprise IT, healthcare presents the most exciting opportunities for how technology and the human element of such advances can revolutionize operations. Modernized case ... Read More