Horizon’s Rapid Application Delivery (HILRAD) tool enables users to accelerate delivery of Appian applications. It decreases much of the initial manual development effort and enables developers and business analysts to work together seamlessly.

The tool incorporates four components:

  1. Data structure modeling
  2. Data integration bindings
  3. User forms/reports
  4. System documentation generation

In the initial development phase, HILRAD provides a critical foundation by synchronizing core artifacts.  First, HILRAD connects directly to source systems and harvests the data structures into a data dictionary.  This ensures that the database is properly structured and standardized before Appian development begins. Next, HILRAD generates Appian CDTs (custom data types), followed by the creation of export-capable MySQL, Oracle DB, and SQL Server setup scripts.  Third, HILRAD generates SAIL forms and reports. All of the Appian objects created using HILRAD can then be imported directly into Appian for immediate use.

HILRAD’s Benefits:

  • Faster development
  • Predictable processes
  • Consistent results
  • Reduced risk
  • Fewer resources to complete a delivery effort

HILRAD can be applied to various scenarios including new development, Portal to Tempo migration, or   legacy application to Appian transition.

This tool is available for purchase from Horizon. Please fill out the form for information for next steps.


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