Persistent Systems’ Out of Office (“OOO”) Solution enables business users to configure automatic task reassignment rules when they go out of office, using an approach very similar to Microsoft Outlook.  Users select the dates and the delegate for their tasks when they are out of office. The solution runs a scheduled agent process, and reassigns the tasks based on the delegation rules defined..

Benefits of Out of Office:

  • Users can easily delegate their Appian tasks when they are out of office
  • Managers can reassign tasks when team members are out of office or during resource transitions

Key Functionality and Features:

  • Configurable OOO settings for users
  • Clear representation of group membership differences between user and delegate
  • Task reassignment only affects direct tasks and accepted group tasks
  • The OOO Agent, a scheduled batch process, runs at configurable scheduled time to automatically reassign tasks based on the OOO settings that are set up
  • Managers are able to configure settings for their team members
  • Managers can trigger the OOO Agent on demand


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