Persistent Systems’ MagicDeploy is an Appian application that implements the complete deployment workflow for an Appian application including capabilities such as scheduling, approvals, notifications, release notes, package inspection.

Benefits of MagicDeploy:

  • Governance/Audit for all Appian deployments
  • Process to enforce standards for Appian application development and deployment – e.g. Appian Health Check
  • Complete visibility into the Appian deployment calendar – team, project, sprint and application owner details
  • ‘Deployment lifecycle’ Tracking – scheduled, reviewed, approved, on-time, delayed/retry, failed/completed

Key Functionality and Features:

  • Configurable approval workflow for Appian deployments
  • Enables deployment scheduling based on deployment calendar
  • Efficient mechanism to record all deployment details (e.g., release notes and review comments) Release Notes, Dev Review Comments, etc.
  • The complete Inspect/Import Logs for any deployment can be reviewed and downloaded
  • Real-time Reporting on deployments


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