The Intelligent Tasking Component (ITC) provides the ability to accelerate or fully automate task assignments in cases where group assignment is not ideal.

ITC can eliminate the time-consuming process of manually reviewing a task, determining the best individual to complete the task, and finally, assigning the task itself. ITC reduces the chance of a mismatched assignment and allows work to be started faster.

Possible use cases:

  • Call centers, help desks, or similar environments that require direct task assignment that prevents cherry-picking
  • Engineering or other departments that handle specialized requests (support tickets, work orders, etc.) that require assignment to a qualified individual based on the request details and resource availability

While it leverages the out of the box User record, the ITC is completely configurable for your organization. All users are able to manage their skills, skill levels, availability, and any outstanding tasks. Managers are able to add skills, group separate skills into skill sets, define the weight of each in a skill score calculation and define weight of skills and availability in overall score calculation. Designers are also able to link skill sets to specific process model tasks.


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