Incessant’s Appian Continuous Delivery (iACD) framework allows organizations to respond to increasing business demands by delivering features and functionality with a quicker time to market. The framework uses Appian’s process management capabilities to orchestrate and automate the application release process. It brings together a number of the key DevOps processes, specifically: Continuous Integration, Scripted Deployment and the Deployment Pipeline. These DevOps processes enable Continuous Deployment, which ultimately allows an organization to achieve the Continuous Delivery of new releases of an application.

The iACD framework maintains a hierarchy or releases and their associated builds. A A release can contain multiple builds, some of which may not be Appian related for example Java, .NET.  iACD encapsulates and orchestrates this release process irrespective of the technology components and allows releases to be triggered either manually, or scheduled for a future date and time.

Key Features:

  • Establishes governance and a 360° view of all release processes, deployments and build levels across multiple environments and technologies.
  • Manages multiple deployments occurring on a scheduled basis
  • Performs automated quality checks before and after deployment for each build
  • Provides real time notifications and alerts of the deployment statuses
  • Leverages out of the box connectors to integrate with commonly used DevOps Tools for release automation, continuous integration and test automation
  • Cross-check deployments by comparing validation rules and automated testing results across environments.
  • Generates release notes and other build artefacts, related to a release.


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