ArchiTECH Solutions’ Onboarding and Personnel Administration (OPA) application provides an onboarding and personnel management application designed to streamline resource management operations, ensure data validity, enhance stakeholder visibility, and provide management reporting to executives.

Specifically, stakeholders have the ability to onboard new resources, entering personal information, experience details, and applicable supplier data. Users can also onboard resources to projects through a financial management framework, calculating project rates to ensure company margins are met. In addition, onboarding tasks are spawned for the HR, Finance, and IT departments to manage everything from paperwork submission to company email and intranet account creation. Outside of the onboarding process flow, OPA includes a contract management portal, which notifies stakeholders of expiring resources and provides interfaces to modify the existing contracts.

OPA significantly enhances data quality through its comprehensive validations, decreases operations cycle time, and ensures full task coverage. In addition, its mobile and news feed integrations allow for complete awareness anywhere, at any time; from uploading candidate resumes on the road, to time notifications for I-9 paperwork submission.

OPA facilitates this knowledge cycle through Resource, Supplier, Client, Project and Project Resource record dashboards. In addition, OPA includes extensive management reporting, detailing resources on projects, points of contact, and resource allocation, availability, and skills.


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