Enrolling new hires to a company is an arduous process, typically handled by handwriting essential paperwork, keeping physical logs of employee data, and drawn-out communication loops between the new hire and HR personnel. Elementary concerns of misread handwriting, misunderstood tax forms, and misplaced documents run rampant in the new hire enrollment process at companies of any size, across any industry.

ArchiTECH Solutions’ New Hire Enrollment (NHE) application addresses those prevalent issues with today’s HR operations by digitizing the initial enrollment process, communicating early and often with the new hire, and providing extensive management reporting and record keeping capabilities. NHE provides tailored experiences for different functional users, ensuring quick and easy access to relevant information and tasks.

NHE serves as the initial step for onboarding a user to the organization by collecting required HR forms. NHE digitizes forms including the W-9, W-4, Direct Deposit Enrollment, and Basic Information through easy to navigate Appian interfaces, flush with conditional display and extensive data validation. Completed e-signed forms follow a review and approval loop, whereby HR users review the content and either verify or reject the form, ensuring high data integrity for each new hire.

Customized dashboards for both the new hire and HR users provide clarity and direction, reducing the turnover time for any assigned tasks. The self-service portal approach is designed to consolidate access to tasks and records to promote an easily managed application and an intuitive user experience.

NHE is designed to reduce HR operation cycle time and increase efficiency resulting in an immediate return on your investment.


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