SmartRules’ Product Incident Management application automates the incident resolution management across multiple organizational entities, across multiple contractor organizations, and even across sub-contractors. It contains tight tracking of all actions from registering to order routing, mobile-enabled engineer management, invoice creation, and client feedback. The application can easily be set up to have the system of record for incident data be the in-house SAP system. Fetch and write back process results and data from Appian Cloud to the SAP instance on the client site.

The application supports adherence, tracking, and calculation of all types of service level agreements (e.g., client, service, or contractor) and enables real-time insight into status and client satisfaction.

With the ability to access Appian on mobile devices, engineers can manage orders, plan routes, enter data, and upload photos as needed.

Key features

  • Integrate to existing backend systems (e.g., SAP) from Appian Cloud
  • Tracks all due dates, providing notifications and escalating tasks when necessary
  • Collaboration among stakeholders
  • Extensive monitoring and reporting on incident status and client satisfaction
  • Tracks all activities for future audits
  • Document and note management with preview capabilities
  • Integration with client feedback system

SmartRules operates in English, Dutch, and German. However, this application can be translated into any language.


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