PolariseMe’s comprehensive Legal Case Management Solution includes a Litigation Management Application and a Legal Contract Review Application.

The Litigation Management Application provides the ability to securely manage any legal matter over the entire litigation lifecycle including stages such as Pleading, Pretrial, Trial, and Appeal. This application facilitates consistency in filing matter details and court hearings. It enables effective management of case documents with features such as search by document name and tags, upload new document versions, and ability to record voice notes or take pictures. Case contacts such as witnesses and related case parties can also be managed at any time during the litigation lifecycle. This application also includes integrated e-Signatures for a faster client onboarding experience.

The Legal Contract Review Application simplifies the submission, review, and approval of legal contracts by an organization’s legal and finance team. It also enables ad-hoc exceptional approval requests for certain contract clauses, if necessary. Once a legal contract is approved, the application automatically converts approved contracts in Word format to PDF format, and generates a unique reference number. It includes related actions such as Recall Approved Contract, and Manage Supporting Documents.

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