Appcino’s Knowledge and Learning Management (KNOW) application acts as a digital knowledge repository for corporate knowledge items. From software applications, to corporate policies and procedures, to professional development modules, the app provides a single location to collect, contribute and share key knowledge content.

The app creates an agile learning platform that enables users to classify knowledge items by organizational groupings while simultaneously keeping everyone updated on the latest organization updates and enabling users to test their knowledge and understanding of key functionalities or programs.

Example use cases:

A bank with an automated Loan Origination system can create a “Loan Origination” subject, a Knowledge Item, “Loan Origination Process Overview,” that is of Knowledge Type, “Education,” with the goal of providing employee training on the bank’s process for all new employees. Under the same “Loan Origination” subject, other Knowledge Items may be Application FAQ’s or Application Announcements.

The Human Resources department may have a Subject for “HR Policies” and create Knowledge Items that educate employees on various benefits (e.g., health care, leave, educational reimbursement) leveraging different Knowledge Types (e.g. general information sheets, blog posts, FAQ sheets, Handbooks).


  • Subjects
  • Knowledge Items
  • Knowledge Types


  • Knowledge Dashboard
  • Learning Dashboard


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