Appian’s Investigation Case Management Module extends the capabilities of Appian’s Case Management Framework (CMF) Core (Order Management and Customer Service Requests)  to highly unstructured, ad-hoc case style applications.  

The CMF was developed to combine knowledge and insight by humans with BPM technology, enabling business to better handle unexpected or unknown events.  In contrast to the more structured case process utilized in the core CMF applications, the Investigation Case Management module provides substantial flexibility, enabling the resolution process to evolve as more context is learned during the life of the investigation.

Caseworkers are able to define the milestones and tasks needed to close the case as data are captured and relationships between data elements emerge. New stakeholders and additional ad-hoc tasks can also be added to analyze and act upon the new data. As sequencing of actions is very dependent on the data and the investigators can change at any time, caseworkers are empowered to define both the relevant investigation categories and the associated milestones and tasks to each from the end-user environment.  The Investigation Case Management module leverages and expands the intuition of all caseworkers while enabling them to build case processes, manage records, and create ad-hoc activities and audit trails.


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