Dramatically improve staffing and hiring readiness and reduce administrative overhead with Cognizant’s Human Resource Management application.   

The application empowers users to effectively address human resource management activities including both core HR workforce management (request to hire, resource acquisition, internal/external staffing, candidate onboarding) and payroll activities.   A zero-training interface provides users with robust dashboards, BAM (business activity monitoring) reports, a collaborative and informative news feed, and a holistic view of all aspects of human resources with centralized data records.  

The application provides full support for the hiring cycle, including:  Service Order Creation, Resume Submission, Full Database Search, Internal/External Hire, Review, Shortlist, Tag, Interview Results, Offer / Appointment Letter & Employee Onboarding.

Appian’s intelligent SAIL forms can be used to easily assign and track new staffing paperwork and tasks.  In addition, the system provides a simple, paperless onboarding process with automated online delivery, tracking, collection, and storage of all relevant forms and documents.

Cognizant’s HRMS provides a powerful workforce management suite that can be easily customized and configured to suit enterprise needs.

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