Accidents and unforeseen events can be stressful for all parties involved in the event. TCS’ First Notification of Loss (FNOL) application forms a critical function in the insurance claim resolution process:.providing a seamless claims processing experience and enabling real time interaction with the insurance customer service representatives. For insurers, this can be critical when customer services reviews are

TCS’ FNOL solution has been developed to capture the right data post-accident and share it with the Insurance Contact Center Agent in the event of a car accident. The application will guide the insured to capture and share relevant and necessary data. The application also enables the insured to see the Contact Center Agent processing the claim data and discuss any queries in real time. The application offers integration with new technologies such as live streaming via mobile to ensure the right data is collected at the right time.

Key features of the solution include:

  • Ability to submit claims using a mobile device
  • Integration with to provide real time event video access
  • Easily capture images as part of the initial claims case creation process

Benefits of the solution are:

  • Better customer experience through reduced processing time for claims
  • Reduction in fraudulent claims with the ability to capture real time images and use location specific data and videos to validate them


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