Persistent’s Enterprise Sales & Distribution Management application  utilizes the Appian Platform to create a centralized site for managing business processes, incorporating customer centric data, evaluating business critical data, and providing necessary analytics.

The solution forms a workflow layer over the Customer Relationship Management solution from Salesforce. It can manage client data by also integrating with SAP to manage sales, order, and delivery systems. It also uses SAP’s predictive analysis to manage future demands, as well as the ability to integrate with your organization’s central repository system (Sharepoint) in order to allow secure file access. The entire EBS solution provides a unified user experience for both desktops and mobile devices.

This application offers the following list of advantages over traditional isolated usage of multiple enterprise applications:

  • One stop views: Customer 360, Sales and Delivery Management
  • Unified user experience
  • Ready to use Native Mobility
  • Flexible workflow to layer on the top of existing CRM and ERP systems
  • Application Access Central Document Repository
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Enablement to add additional business function processes across organizations
  • Real-Time Collaboration between systems for exchange of Information

The solution approach allows Appian to be layered at the top of multiple platforms- scaling up their functionalities – to create scalable workflows to execute, analyze and audit various business processes.


  • Leads
  • Accounts
  • Cases
  • Products


  • Account Statistics
  • Sales Statics


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