Cognizant’s Endpoint Adjudication Solution interacts with the EDC to receive the Endpoint Data and manages the adjudication of the data by creating classified event packages (endpoint data along with related medical images in digital form) and sending it to the reviewing committee. The solution automates the adjudication process, encourages collaboration while also eliminating bias, thus resulting in a systematic, independent and unbiased assessment of endpoints.

Key benefits:

  • Structured endpoint adjudication significantly reduces business and patient risks associated with moving a candidate to the next phase of clinical development
  • On-time data assessment and adjudication enables early detection of any adversity in trial which helps in reducing drug attrition in later stages of trial
  • The solution enables an unbiased approach towards data assessment, fulfilling the IRB and ethics committee requirements

Key features:

  • The creation of event packages for the Endpoint Adjudication Committee to review and evaluate data directly from the system-built questionnaire
  • EPAS removes the bias from the adjudication process by anonymizing patient data and provides only the relevant data to the adjudication committee
  • Easily manage all aspects of the adjudication process – from event package creation to conflict management and reporting of adjudicated data back to the EDC system

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