Avineonics® Emergency Drills and Exercises Management application leverages the power of Appian to efficiently and effectively schedule, design, conduct, and evaluate -your organization’s emergency drills and exercises.

The application increases productivity by replacing manual, semi-automated tasks with reusable, web-based tools that reduce the effort required for design and control by 25% or more. With collaborative tools and mobile capabilities, it is possible to easily track the controller, participant, and evaluator activities, reducing the time spent on after-action reporting by 50%.

This application also guides your team throughout the process to ensure participants practice their emergency roles/positions and track compliance with any applicable regulations.

Key benefits:

  • Improve drill and exercise effectiveness and emergency preparedness
  • Simplify documentation with mobile apps for designers, controllers, evaluators, and observers
  • Automate the generation of work products and reports
  • Improve situational awareness across facilities and teams
  • Established a centralized system for tracking drills and exercises
  • Execute an effective corrective actions program
  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance and adherence to plans/procedures


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