Organizations are constantly striving to innovate, while simultaneously achieving cost efficiencies and increasing agility. Intelligent processes that are scalable and cater to dynamic business needs can enable administrative functions that support the enterprise’s core business to meet these same goals of efficiency and agility.

Legacy enterprise resource planning applications often have limited ability to leverage social, mobile, analytics, cloud and the Internet of Things (SMACIT). They provide standardization of processes, enabling smooth flow of information across organizations and tracking of end outcomes, but are unable to leverage new sources and types of data or to respond to the interests of different users.

Incessant’s Digital Business Operations Suite (DigiBOS) provides a new dimension over legacy enterprise applications by integrating the myriad processes related to human resourcing, finance, training and development, workforce management, and various other support divisions to serve the enterprise core business in a timely and competitive manner. DigiBOS establishes a flexible and mature process platform that can provide the cost efficiencies and agility that business look for from administrative functions. The solution enables proactive service level agreement (SLA) management; automatic routing & prioritization; trend, analytical & real-time reporting, and process automation with configurable workflows.  Out-of-box integration and multi-channel support are also offered.

DigiBOS applications include:

  • Onboarding
  • Travel Readiness
  • Reimbursements & Cost Analysis
  • Time Tracking
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Skill & Training Management
  • Support Helpdesk
  • Hiring
  • Resource Utilization

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