Appian’s Customer Service Request application, part of Appian’s Case Management Framework app, focuses on the successful resolution of a request for service. Service request cases are usually well structured, and progress on a series of known actions that are well established. While the number of possible actions are large, the caseworker, with the help of the system, decides which is the best one. Workflows can be large and complex and therefore management, tracking, and control of the relevant actions is critical to the successful resolution of the case.

The Customer Service Request application allows a caseworker to capture the initial request, route it to the appropriate caseworker, and go through a series of steps between customer and caseworker until the case is resolved satisfactorily.  The application enables efficient management and control of:

  • Service Request Details
  • Case Documents
  • Current Tasks and Task Audit Trails
  • Case History

Service Requests can be started within the context of an order, a general request, or to update Customer account information. There is also a provision to re-open within a defined period cases that have been closed.


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