Cognizants’ Content Release Schedule tracking application provides a centralized system to manage media release scheduling and distribution efficiencies.

The application allows a media organization to capture the domestic and international release schedule requirements from different distribution platforms such as Theatrical, Non-Theatrical, Digital, Packaged Media to Pay and Free Television, etc., in one location.

The application serves as a single source of truth for media content release schedule maintenance. Further, it easily enables users to systematically notify/distribute critical changes/reports in a timely manner, based upon strategic business decisions, needs, or executive reporting.

Key functionality of the base application:

  • Creation of release schedules
  • Creation of release schedule templates depending on release types
  • Centralized repository for all titles
  • Automatic release window creation based on templates
  • Business rule validation
  • Interactive gantt chart view and controls
  • Asset tracking for each release windows
  • Strategic partner selection
  • Assigning strategic partners to a release window
  • Managing asset metadata, due dates, delivery dates, etc.

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