Incessant’s Asset Management Solution (iAMS) application helps organizations to achieve operational excellence, more effective cost control, and more efficient asset planning through a 360 degree view of an enterprise’s assets.  The app improves asset utilization and performance, thereby reducing capital expenses, optimizing operational costs, extending asset life–all of which lead to a higher ROI on the assets.

iAMS is built on Appian’s BPM platform, integrating various processes across the asset maintenance life-cycle, including both maintenance activities and costs. The built-in features allow different users to tag issues to an asset, apply scheduled maintenance plans on assets, manage job orders, track assets, and predict completion time of maintenance and reporting.  The 360 degree view of an asset allows a user to view past maintenance history, productivity, asset downtime and future scheduled maintenance plans.  Further, the app includes an automated purchase-to-pay operations process for an asset.


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