The AML application tracks reports of suspicious banking activity. These reports are generated by banking systems, data mining on financial transaction history,  or manual observations by bank employees.

Once a case is generated, it is sent into a workflow for review. The primary workflow consists of a qualifier review, a investigator review, and a supervisor review. The end-to-end process enforces timers and SLAs to ensure that suspicious incidents are responded to in a timely fashion.


  • Qualification Stage with knowledge management features (Records) allows a reviewer to see case details, transaction details, and related accounts to look for patterns or history.
  • Investigation Stage provides a deep-dive into the case as well as collaboration with appropriate parties.
  • Generates appropriate documentation for a SAR (Suspicious Activity Report) filing if necessary.
  • Reports and dashboards for tracking detailed case status as well as high-level analysis of customer activity.


  • Customer
  • AML Case


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