Good decisions make great business processes. Good decision making requires robust business rules that drive those decisions.

However, business rules are often embedded in the backend by developers. End users have limited ability to make changes to existing rules or to define new ones as business requirements change. In addition, as the decision table grows, the technical script to implement the established rules becomes increasingly complex. Maintaining these rules and adding new ones becomes a time consuming, error-prone process, hampering the ability of the business to respond quickly to changes in the market and competitive landscape.

Princeton Blue’s Advanced Rules Management application gives business users the ability to define, test, modify and analyze decision table rules through a simple, intuitive and mobile-enabled user Interface–all without requiring IT intervention.

Other Key Highlights:

  • 100% mobile enabled, so changes can be made on the move
  • Easy rule creation, editing, and testing
  • Ability to import, export, and copy rules, so rules can be defined once and then used in various systems
  • Ability to audit rules to know who changed which rule & when (rule execution log)
  • Ability to perform impact analysis to understand the impact of rules on business processes

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