What is the Appian App Market?

Appian’s App Market is a marketplace where Appian and its partners display a diverse range of business applications that have been built on Appian’s platform. In addition, the App Market offers a variety of components built by Appian and its partners that are designed to enhance existing Appian installations.

What is an application?

Applications extend the power of Appian to every department and function across industries.  An individual application will address a specific vertical or horizontal business problem through a collection of design objects that form the UIs, logic, processes, and data interaction.

What is a component?

A component is a packaged extension that enhances existing Appian functionality. Some components are free to use with a licensed product (i.e., available for download in Forum), which are made available as-is and should be validated and tested before production use. For the components that not free to use, click the “Get it” button and fill out the registration form. The component’s developer will contact you shortly.

What is the Cloud Approved badge?

Applications and components that can be deployed to an Appian cloud environment are provided the cloud approved badge. These apps leverage functionality that meets Appian’s Cloud deployment guidelines.

What is the Health Check Verified badge?

Applications that have run the Appian Health Check and have no identified major design or configuration risks are provided the health check verified badge.

How do I obtain one of these applications if I am not an existing Appian customer? What about the components?

For applications, click the “Get it” button and fill out the registration form. Your Account Executive or the application developer will contact you shortly.

For free components, the “Get it” button will take you directly to the component’s page in Forum, where, after signing in, you will be able to immediately download the component. If you do not have a Forum account please refer to the registration process.

For all other components, the process will be the same as it is for applications.

As an Appian partner, how do I get my application or component listed in the App Market?

Email appmarket@appian.com for the requisite submission form or download it from the Appian Community Partner area.

As a prospective customer, how can I learn more about a particular application?

Fill out the registration form for the application of interest and an Appian representative will contact you with additional information.