December 18, 2008

Process Modeling Software as Opposed to Offshoring

With Obama’s stand against off shore outsourcing, companies need to find an alternative to cheap labor. Appian’s BPM software suite provides this alternative by improving the workforce by giving business people the ability to create business applications.

VIENNA, Va.— Dec 18, 2008 One of President-elect Barack Obama’s strongest campaigns before election was his stand against outsourcing to other countries. During a campaign speech in August, former Senator Obama stated, “I will stop giving tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas, and I will start giving them to companies that create good jobs right here in America.”For companies who have already invested heavily in offshoring, there’s no choice but to walk through the fire and hope for the quickest ROI despite the steps that Obama takes to bring jobs back to Americans. For other companies however, the Appian Corporation has a more innovative way of improving business performance that will set their clients apart from those who settle for cheap labor. Appian is the leading provider of business process management (BPM) software suites. Their business modeling software is a comprehensive BPM suite that helps businesses design, manage and optimize their business models because the software is directed towards streamlining business processes. It does this by allowing business people to create business process applications which are custom fitted to their needs. The creation of these applications does not require extensive knowledge of IT. Their software is user friendly and was designed with business people in mind. The kinds of applications that can be built are limited only by the user’s imagination and needs. Also, there are over 500 existing customizable applications available online that business people can subscribe to.

Appian Anywhere is the on-demand business process management suite that combines business modeling software with a collaborative workplace environment. It does this using web browser based collaborative internet presentation portals. Rather than supplementing a workforce with cheap labor from abroad, Appian optimizes the employees a company already has.

About Appian

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