June 8, 2010

CollabraLink and Appian Team to Speed Recovery for Wounded U.S. Soldiers

Wounded Warrior Application Built on Leading Business Process Management Platform

RESTON, VA and FAIRFAX, Va.—June 8, 2010— CollabraLink Technologies, a leading Federal technology consultancy, and Appian, the global innovator in enterprise and on-demand business process management (BPM) technology, today announced the availability of the Wounded Warrior application. Wounded Warrior speeds the processes for on-boarding, diagnosis and rehabilitation of injured U.S. soldiers at military Warrior Transition Units (WTU). The application has been piloted at 7 WTUs, and will ultimately be rolled out to the 38 WTUs around the country.”We are committed to delivering the highest level of care to the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces who are injured in the line of duty,” said Brigadier General Gary H. Cheek, Commander of the Army’s Warrior Transition Command which is responsible for the oversight of the Army’s Warrior Care and Transition Program. “Wounded Warrior leverages the most advanced technology to accelerate the administrative processes involved, ensuring proper treatment and tracking rehabilitation progress.”When an injured soldier is brought in from the field, Wounded Warrior automates on-boarding the soldier into the WTU system and subsequently provides the central interface through which the soldier and his/her treatment professionals develop a comprehensive transition plan unique to that soldier. The 100 percent web-based application walks the soldier through a health self-assessment using a series of clinical questions designed to pin-point their specific rehabilitation needs. The soldier’s primary care physician then accesses Wounded Warrior to verify and approve that assessment, which is automatically routed to the soldier’s case manager or occupational therapist for creation and input of an appropriate transition plan. Wounded Warrior creates an interactive interface where the soldier is able to review their plan and see their progress toward plan milestones; while progressing toward rehabilitation, the soldier continually works with Wounded Warrior to update and review their plan, which is then verified by the treatment professionals involved. When Wounded Warrior reports that the transition program has been completed successfully, an appropriate decision about redeployment is then made.

“The Wounded Warrior application is an impactful technology solution to a mission critical function performed by the Army. The use of this application will ensure that all WTUs are operating on a standard platform with the comprehensive functionality required to support end-to-end treatment of soldiers wounded in service to our country. We are extremely excited to be a part of this high profile effort,” said Rahul Pandhi, Executive Vice President of CollabraLink.

Wounded Warrior is built on the Appian BPM Suite. Appian, the only 100 percent web-based BPM suite, is the fastest platform available for deploying robust process applications. Appian’s extreme ease of use and comprehensive features make it ideal for handling complex case management processes. Appian combines rich user interfaces with simple model-driven design; a real-time process architecture enabling fast and unlimited reporting; service-oriented development to extend SOA initiatives; and a full set of process, analytics, content and collaboration capabilities.

“Appian’s technology increases speed, efficiency and outcome success rates in case management scenarios such as the treatment of injured soldiers,” said Matthew Calkins, president and CEO of Appian. “We are proud to be the platform for on-going delivery of process-based applications such as Wounded Warrior that support Army and DoD organizations in the fulfillment of their core missions.”

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