March 10, 2009

CFOs Brave Financial Storm at the Helm of Corporations with Appian Process Design Software

CFOs are said to be taking most of the strain of the financial crisis. Appian business process management software helps them bear some of the load.

VIENNA, Va.— March 10, 2009 In response to the current global financial storm, companies must find a way to prepare for the worst by increasing the liquidity of their assets to act as a buffer for any setbacks brought on by unusual circumstances. This is usually the job of the chief financial officer (CFO). More and more CFOs are finding it useful to enlist the help of Appian business processing software for help in process design, execution, management, and optimization. The Appian Process Modeler is the part of the Appian Enterprise business process management software suite that allows new, efficient ideas to turn into functional applications. Beyond just process design, the software also provides insights that may help process performance. Appian Enterprise is a comprehensive and easy-to-use business process management (BPM) system. The software allows ordinary business people to use built-in analytics to analyze process performance, identify bottlenecks, and continuously improve process efficiency. CFOs with no experience in programming and information technology can effect change throughout the organization with the click of a button. 100% web-based, the software allows direct automation of key business processes. These processes, which are integrated into a single system, can more easily be monitored for inefficiency using the business activity monitoring function of Appian Enterprise.

Companies are increasingly depending on CFOs to document working, efficient processes for use throughout an organization. CFOs can rely on Appian to translate ideas into applications, quickly and at low cost.

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