October 8, 2012

Car Stereo Plus Mobilizes Workforce with Appian Worksocial

RESTON, Va.–October 8, 2012– Appian, the global innovator in enterprise and cloud-based business process management (BPM) software, today announced that Atlanta-based Car Stereo Plus (CSP), an expediter to car dealerships, has mobilized its entire Sales and Installation workforce with the unique worksocial capabilities of the Appian BPM Suite. Using a simple social interface on native mobile apps for iPad, iPhone and Android devices, all CSP employees can now stay connected to enterprise processes and data while off-site at customer and prospect dealerships. Headquarters Scheduling staff use the same system internally, creating consistency and easy social business collaboration across the organization. Keeping all employees connected and increasing operational speed and effectiveness is crucial for the mid-sized organization to deliver the best customer experience, compete with larger competitors and support company expansion.

“Worksocial from Appian has turbo-charged our operations and increased our competitive edge,” said Foster Lee, co-owner of Car Stereo Plus. “Appian gives us an easy-to-use company-wide platform for mobile- and social-based work that is deeply integrated with our core systems and data. Comparing our previous systems to Appian is like comparing a horse and plow to a tractor.”

CSP’s business is to install custom enhancements for its auto dealer customers, covering a wide range of interior and exterior styling alterations, audio and video systems, navigation systems, reverse sensors and more. CSP’s Appian deployment covers all customer-focused work, including scheduling and prioritizing sales and installation appointments, submitting and approving sales quotes, assigning and tracking all manner of work tasks, and managing field worker availabilities.

“Mid-sized organizations need this advanced capability perhaps even more than large organizations do to be competitive,” continued Mr. Lee. “Appian’s portable cloud architecture made it possible for a company of our size to rapidly and cost-effectively deliver a modern mission-critical system using only a single part-time development resource.”

With Appian, CSP remote workers use mobile devices and a single unified social interface for inputting all relevant sales quote and appointment information, accessing required data and documentation from corporate systems, and managing all aspects of their daily work. Directly through Appian they can view integrated Google Maps for directions to appointments, upload photos of in-progress and completed work, download installation instructions, engage in real-time work-oriented collaborations, initiate and close work orders and input vacation and other availability-related information.

“Worksocial delivers real business value because it combines deep work automation expertise and enterprise systems integration with the best of native mobility and social business collaboration,” said Matt Calkins, President and CEO of Appian. “It is the latest evolution in Appian’s history of industry-leading innovation, and it is available for companies of all sizes.”

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