January 15, 2010

Army Knowledge Online Gets Performance Boost

The U.S. Army shares the BPM objectives it plans to achieve with Appian’s BPM Software.

Reston, Va.— January 15, 2010 Army Knowledge Online gets performance boost In early January 2010, Col Earl Noble, Project Manager of Army Knowledge Online (AKO) spoke with contributing editor Barry Rosenberg about the new AKO capabilities, technical challenges, and objectives for their new BPM capabilities. during this interview, Col. Earl Noble discussed the following topics:* New Search Capabilities – A new search capability was introduced based on some prior challenges that end users were experiencing. This new search capability is faster, more focused, and allows for users to get relevant documents more quickly.* Creating a Federated System – New demonstration and prototypes are being researched around federating different indexes and databases. This demonstration was successful in showing the value and that this process works. They are now tasked with ensuring that it works more efficiently, quickly, and securely. They plan to complete and roll this out over the next year or two.* BPM Rollout – There are many use cases and examples of how BPM helps them to automate many of their tradition manual process, such as soliciting input and going through the review process of publishing newsletters. This new BPM process allows them to quickly identify the bottlenecks in their processes, provide visibility, and improve its efficiency.* Appian BPM Software – AKO uses Appian to perform the process management within AKO. This process is available to everyone. Those that wish to develop process are required to do a 1 week course to train these administrators how to create and use Appian’s software.

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