July 25, 2008

Appian Offers Business Process Management Software Suite

Appian Corporation proudly offers their business process management software suite for clients around the world. This comprehensive, easy-to-use, and fully customizable software suite leads the BPM market, and is available in both on-premise and on-demand models.

VIENNA, Va.— July 25, 2008 Located near the hub of the US government, it comes as no surprise that Appian has a longstanding relationship with both state and federal agencies. In addition to its government clients, Appian also dedicates its business process management software skills to companies from many different private industries, helping them thrive against the competition. The Appian Enterprise Business Process Management Suite is the only BPM suite that allows business-level users within a company to design, execute, manage, and optimize their core business processes. This speeds process improvement initiatives, delivering increased automation, visibility, control, and measurement. Appian understands that unless business-level users are able to create, view, modify, and measure business processes intuitively, the business process management software is of no help. Therefore, Appian takes the time to ensure that the software is both effective and easy to use. Appian sells its products online, at http://www.appian.com. Interested organizations can learn more by visiting http://www.appian.com or by calling (703) 442-8844.

About Appian

Appian delivers an enterprise platform for digital transformation that enables organizations to reinvent the customer experience, optimize their business operations, and master governance, risk and compliance. Powered by industry leading Business Process Management (BPM) and Case Management capabilities, Appian’s low-code approach can radically accelerate the time it takes to build and deploy powerful, modern applications, on-premises or in the cloud.