September 13, 2005

Appian Introduces Federal Internal Controls Solution Designed to Expedite Circular A-123 and Related Government Compliance Initiatives

Extensible Web-based Solution Eases Compliance Woes for Government Agencies

Vienna, VA., September 13, 2005 Appian Corporation, the first Business Process Management (BPM) company to deliver advanced process, knowledge, and analytics capabilities in a fully integrated suite, today announced the availability of the Appian Federal Internal Controls solution. Designed to facilitate government compliance initiatives, Appian’s solution enables federal agencies to achieve timely, cost-effective compliance with the documentation, financial reporting, internal controls testing requirements and tight deadlines mandated by the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) recently revised Circular A-123 legislation.”In their efforts to meet the October 2006 deadline for complying with A-123, government agencies are increasingly implementing process-centric solutions to expedite their compliance initiatives, while minimizing the financial and productivity strains that can impede or delay their efforts,” said Kevin Spurway, Vice President of Marketing at Appian. “Appian’s Federal Internal Controls solution allows agencies to establish an extensible framework for continuous compliance, reduce time and costs associated with compliance efforts, and in worst case scenarios, avoid costly, public audits by the OMB.”

Addressing legislation such as the Federal Managers’ Financial Integrity Act, the CFO Act, and OMB’s Circular A-123, Appian’s Federal Internal Controls solution allows government agencies to automate, monitor, modify and govern their critical processes to ensure compliance with changing regulatory laws. Built on the Appian Enterprise BPM Suite platform, Appian’s COSO-based solution focuses on the control environment, risk assessment, control activities, information and communications, and monitoring. Government agencies are leveraging Appian’s flexible, extensible solution to:

  • Develop, assign, and monitor internal control tests and evaluate the results in accordance with OMB Circular A-123 requirements
  • Consolidate and store all internal control and financial compliance information in a single, Web-based environment
  • Create detailed audit trails and an annual assurance statement for OMB and Congress
  • Manage changes within their IT environment, from new accounting policies to new government initiatives

“With Internal Controls and A-123 costs expected to exceed 30 million over the next two years, we believe that software applications that tie together documentation, testing and reporting will be key in determining who in the government is successful and whether the investment in A-123 ultimately provides value to agencies,” said Clifton Williams, Partner at Grant Thornton LLP, a leading accounting, tax and business advisory services organization, and former Federal employee responsible for leading A-123 projects since the initial legislation was enacted in 1982. “While individual software tools provide this functionality in an ad-hoc manner, software providers that deliver government-specific features and functionality in an integrated solution will have a significant competitive advantage.”

Appian’s Federal Internal Controls solution is a component of Appian’s Government Process Management (GPM) Suite. This suite is comprised of government-specific solutions focused on driving improvements in productivity and work quality by automating complex government processes, and providing real-time access to critical information and applications.

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