November 10, 2004

Appian Enterprise 4 Business Process Management Suite Catalyzes the BPM Market

Appian Delivers the Industry’s First Enterprise-Class BPM Solution Designed To Enhance Enterprise Agility and Performance

Vienna, VA., November 10, 2004 Appian Corporation, the first Business Process Management (BPM) company to deliver advanced process, knowledge and analytics capabilities in a fully integrated suite, today unveiled Appian Enterprise 4, the industry’s only BPM solution to provide a rich, full-featured process-centric platform for developing and deploying powerful business solutions across the entire enterprise. As the industry’s only true enterprise-class BPM suite, Appian Enterprise 4 is driving improvements in business performance by reaching into existing IT assets, extending those assets by applying knowledge and analytics functionality, and delivering real-time, dashboard-style operational and business metrics.”Appian is setting a new industry standard with the introduction of Appian Enterprise 4 Business Process Management Suite,” said Matthew Calkins, CEO, Appian Corporation. “Appian Enterprise is providing mission-critical enterprises with unprecedented insight and control over their strategic business activities, and enabling them to respond dynamically to changes in their business environment. As the only vendor in the industry to combine the power of process, knowledge, and analytics in a unified BPM suite, Appian is connecting the right people with the right information, and delivering it in the right context, in real-time so that users can make intelligent and informed decisions about their business processes.”

“Appian Enterprise 4 provides sophisticated collaboration and knowledge-centric tools that speed processes and allow business users to capture and manage enterprise data and best practices. Building on its core process functionality, Appian Enterprise 4 leverages integrated analytics to drive continuous, dynamic process improvement where processes can be monitored and modified in real-time and in concert with changes in the business environment.

According to Janelle Hill, vice president and Research Lead, Business Process Management Integration and Development Strategies at Meta Group, a leading industry analyst firm, “Business process management (BPM) has evolved into a suite of inter-related components providing significant business value, although only a few vendors currently offer the full suite of technologies. These new BPM suites are one of the primary vehicles by which current application portfolios will transition to service-oriented architecture and Web services.”

The Most Comprehensive Enterprise BPM Suite
Enterprise BPM suites extend the basic functionality provided by pure-play BPM vendors by infusing suite features and enterprise-class capabilities into the basic pure-play BPM stack.

“Suite Features” round out process functionality with knowledge-centric, collaborative tools including content and document management, as well as analytics capabilities, such as OLAP integration and business activity monitoring. An enterprise BPM suite must also include a security and identity management layer that manages the access controls and role-based permissions, preventing end users from participating in processes in undesired ways.

Appian Enterprise 4 BPM suite provides more than 50 new suite features, including more than 1,000 functional enhancements, making it the most comprehensive BPM suite in the industry for simplifying the development of advanced business solutions. Highlights include:

  • Web-based Process Designer
    Appian Enterprise 4 delivers the industry’s only 100% HTML-based, drag and drop process designer to provide business users with an intuitive, Web-based visual environment for building, sharing, and reusing process objects and models, including Web services, without any coding.
  • Integrated Knowledge Management Capabilities
    Appian Enterprise 4’s flexible, process-centric portal technology provides users with a centralized Web-based resource for information access and collaboration, thereby accelerating application development. Appian Enterprise 4 also features a significantly expanded collaborative toolset and enhanced knowledge and data management features.
  • Improved Analytics
    Appian Enterprise 4 allows an enterprise to detect and react to business changes in real-time. In addition to providing standard reports to help organizations identify bottlenecks, distribute tasks, and improve processes, Appian Enterprise allows users to create and save customized dashboards enabling personalized visibility into their different business areas.
  • Dynamic Transformation
    Appian Enterprise 4’s sophisticated process engine allows real-time in-flight adjustments to running business processes. As business environments change, policies, process flows, and tasks can be added, modified, or removed to handle exceptions, leveraging Appian’s unique Smart Node technology to improve process results.
  • Integrated Security
    Appian Enterprise 4 utilizes a highly granular, integrated personalization and security framework to provide a secure, Web-based environment for managing preferences, attributes, and relationships between people and information. Appian Enterprise 4’s security is highly differentiated from other BPM vendors’ in that it is fully integrated into the process and can be secured and delegated remotely.

“Enterprise-class” capabilities, which refer to architectural elements that allow BPM to span the entire enterprise, require massive scalability and real-time data transfer. Today’s enterprise BPM suites must provide enhanced support for service-oriented (SOA) and event-driven architectures (EDA), which accelerate the development of powerful process-centric business applications and simplify the modeling and execution of cross-functional processes.

Built on an open, standards-based, service-oriented architecture, Appian Enterprise 4 features enhanced support for producing, consuming, exposing, and orchestrating Web services throughout an enterprise. Event handling and event generating tools are built directly into Appian Enterprise 4, so that events can be managed within the normal flow of an executing business process. Enterprise enhancements include:

  • Unparalleled Scalability
    In production, Appian Enterprise 4 has consistently proven itself to be the industry’s most scalable business process execution system, utilizing high-performance, in-memory technology that scales to support the largest enterprises, including the U.S. Army with 1.7 million users. Appian Enterprise 4 has been designed for even greater performance providing a consistent process management and security layer that spans the entire enterprise.
  • Enhanced Support for Web Services and SOA
    Appian Enterprise 4 is based on a service-oriented design, allowing seamless integration of an organization’s internal business services. Appian Enterprise 4 is the glue that unifies these disparate computing assets into a cohesive, well-structured application.
  • Standards Support
    Appian Enterprise 4 is a 100% Web-based J2EE solution that supports emerging process modeling standards such as BPMN, as well as a wide range of Web services standards including SOAP, UDDI, WSDL, and XML. The power of Appian Enterprise 4 can also be incorporated into existing portal applications through JSR-168 portlets.
  • Vendor and Technology Neutral
    Appian Enterprise 4 is completely vendor, technology, and platform neutral. By offering such a solution, Appian customers can maximize their existing hardware and software systems to realize a lower total cost of ownership.

“There is a tremendous need in the energy industry for secure, enterprise-class, process-centric solutions that facilitate information sharing and provide users with real-time visibility into their competitive business processes,” said Rob Janssen, project director at Boston Pacific, a consulting and investment services firm specializing in the electricity and natural gas businesses. “Appian Enterprise provides these capabilities in a comprehensive platform, and is the main reason we chose to partner with Appian. We are pleased with this new partnership and are already seeing joint success in projects with our larger utility and energy customers.”

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