November 10, 2008

Appian Announces Appian Enterprise 5.7 and Appian ShareBase

Technology and Knowledge-sharing Enhancements Increase BPM Value for Entire Appian Community

VIENNA, Va.—November 10, 2008 Appian, an innovative global provider of business process management (BPM) technology, today unveiled Appian Enterprise 5.7, the latest version of its industry-leading BPM Suite, and Appian ShareBase, a rich repository of BPM content contributed by customers, partners and Appian staff. This tandem announcement of technology and community enhancements continues Appian’s tradition of driving innovation to simplify process improvement and maximize the returns on BPM investments.

Technology Innovation
Appian Enterprise 5.7 introduces many new innovative features into the BPM market that make it easier than ever to design, execute, manage and optimize key business processes. These features are centered on enabling users to rapidly build process based applications that seamlessly integrate people and systems.

  • Expanded support for Custom Data Types in Appian Process Models. Complex data types can be used to define Process Variables, which are available for use in process nodes, forms, and reports
  • Enhanced Web Services support across a wide range of services and the latest standards. Automatic creation of complex data types allows for more flexible mapping of Web Service inputs and outputs
  • Web Services for Remote Portlets: support for WSRP 1.0 consumption, and easy publication of 3rd party WSRP content into Appian Portal Pages
  • Process Modeling Enhancements for faster discovery of key functions and discovery of process errors
  • Enhanced Portal Capabilities including improved portlets and portal content sharing
  • Improved Content Management interfaces with more actions for manipulating content

Appian Enterprise 5.7 will be generally available on December 19th, 2008.

Appian ShareBase — BPM Community Knowledge-Sharing
The Appian ShareBase repository is immediately available, and is free to use with an Appian product license. All content in the repository is contributed by the members of the Appian community, and includes Process Models, Smart Services, Form Libraries, Rules, enhancements and other extensions. Appian ShareBase will enable a new level of knowledge-sharing among Appian users that will help expand the value of Appian’s BPM Suite technology.

Appian has pre-loaded Appian ShareBase with popular content, and will continue to add to it regularly. Appian ShareBase also enables partners and customers of Appian to freely upload, review, and discuss content. Appian ShareBase can be accessed via Appian Access, the online collaborative network for Appian Enterprise users.

“The Appian community is a diverse global network of organizations with one thing in common: they are all using Appian to drive fundamental improvements in how they operate,” said Matthew Calkins, President and CEO of Appian. “With Appian Enterprise 5.7, we are giving that community the most powerful, yet easy-to-use, BPM platform available. With Appian ShareBase, we are helping the members of that community learn from each other’s successes to speed the time-to-value of their BPM initiatives.”

About Appian

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